Wish to Torrent Download a File? Here Are The Best Torrent Sites!

Let’s admit it at once: each of us is wishing for small, quick fixes like torrenting files on your personal computer with just a few clicks. We live in an age which is incredibly modernized through the prominent invention and use of technology. Now, a big percentage of our lives revolve around the virtual reality created through technology. This technology has a sole purpose: make life easier for its users. Thus, with technology came torrents which are basically files containing metadata of information, like movies, books, TV shows, songs, etc. People can download these files onto their computers or mobile phones easily.

Although useful, it is illegal in many states to torrent download any files like books, TV shows, movies, songs, etc (basically all files which have copyright to them) and individuals can even get fined up to 3000 euros for just downloading a small movie. Thus, many torrent sites all over the world have been taken down, like Kickass Torrent which included almost every single file that can be downloaded.

If you too were a Kickass Torrent user and are disappointed to not have the website around anymore, then keep reading to learn about alternative torrent sites which possess good quality torrent files for you to download:


YTS is famous for having a 720p and 1080p for almost every existing file. It is quite reliable but it only has movie torrents. In addition to the quality file, you can also see its Rotten Tomatoes ratings, IMD ratings, and comments from users.

The Pirate Bay

Some people describe TPB as “the new Kickass Torrent” as this site too has almost every file that you might possibly want. Currently, it’s the most used torrent website, which is why you too should check it out today.