Why Trees Cause Leaky Roofs

When you are living in a particular home, there are going to be certain aspects of the living process that you are going to want to deal with so that you can maximize comfort in every single way. Any damage that occurs will be something that you would be eager to fix, and a leaky roof is one of these things. Did you know that one of the biggest causes of a leaky roof is that the trees around your home are damaging it in some way?

The thing is, roof repair tends to cost quite a lot of money, so if your trees are doing your roof a fair amount of damage then you will definitely want to get rid of them. The manner in which trees damage your roof is also quite interesting. Basically, the branches of a tree are going to grow in a particular direction. If this direction makes them pointed at your roof, at some point the branches are going to start rubbing up against your roof. You can clearly tell how this is going to end up doing a pretty significant amount of damage to your roof all in all.

When the branch grows further, it might even start displacing some of the tiles of your roof and damaging them so much so that you will have to buy new ones if you truly want to be able to replace them in the best way possible. Hence, if your roof is starting to leak, try taking a look at the trees that surround your home. Chances are that the trees are the culprits, and trimming them can prevent further damage from taking place. If you want a permanent solution, just chop the trees down.