Typical AC Repairs & What to Do About Them

The air conditioners that are present in most residential homes today are something that can only be repaired by professionals. We will get on to the part where we inform you about the most typical repairs that are there and that you might encounter in your lifetime but first, we want to focus on what you can do about them. In our professional view, the only thing to do about them is to get professional help because that is the only thing that can help you. AC repairs are not something that can be done at home; we know that there are many tutorials out there on the internet for such stuff but we would highly discourage you from trying them out on your own.

It is not necessary that the repairs are big, they can be minor but it certainly does not mean that you call in an amateur just to save money, we will recommend that you always go for a company like Air Conditioning Doctor that will actually provide you professional services and their technicians will be able to do any sort of repair, no matter how major or minor.

Problem With Compressor Fan

The location of the compressor fan is in the outside unit of your air conditioner and it is housed along with the compressor and condenser coils. This whole unit is responsible for converting the outside hot air into cold air. If the fan gets broken down, your air conditioner would not cool properly. Furthermore, it might overheat and damage the compressor itself.

Problem With Condenser Coil

If the condenser coil of your unit freezes up, it indicates a problem and the reason behind it can be blocked air ducts, low refrigerant, cooling system not working properly and much more.