How Effective Are Drain Cleaners?

People often recommend drain cleaners as an easy fix to a clogged drain. If you go in the market to buy one, you will see that most drain cleaners advertise themselves as the one stop solution to all clogged drain problems. But are drain cleaners really that effective? Should you buy one? Will it solve your problem completely or will it just clear out your drain for a bit?

Drain cleaners are quite effective since they essentially corrode through various kinds of substances that clog your drains. A drain cleaner is a combination of multiple chemicals and is primarily meant to be used in cases where soft debris is blocking your drain. It goes without saying that a drain cleaner will not be able to do much if your drain is being blocked by something hard, such as a tree root or rocks. But it will be able to clear out muck, fat from foods, and other smaller debris such as hair.

A drain cleaner does not cost much and it is good to have on hand. Oftentimes, instead of calling a plumber directly, you can test the status of a clogged drain by pouring some drain cleaner into it. If your drain is being clogged by soft debris then it will open up. However, if it still does not open up, then you can call in a plumber.

Now, there are a lot of drain cleaners in the market. And you would want one that is as effective as possible.