Everything You Need to Know About Microblading

If you are tired of shaping your eyebrows through waxing, threading or fill them in then you should know that there are a couple of other options available as well. One of the latest methods that has been introduced in the beauty industry goes by the name of microblading and it is a semi-permanent procedure which helps in keeping your brows in place for a couple of months before they need to be retouched again. In case you are planning on getting them done, we would recommend that you do your research on the subject before making this decision.

The procedure is fairly simple but you should always get it done from a professional who is licensed and has a certification to show for it. One such place is https://www.facebook.com/lashbrowbotoxbar/ in case you want to get it done from them.

With that being said, following are some of the things you should know about microblading, check them out below.


The procedure is very simple and usually involves injecting or pigment into the brow bone area in a specified shape so as to make it look natural. The pigment used is the same as the one that is used for tattooing purpose. So it is important to make sure that the place you choose to get microblading done from is actually good and sanitary as you want to avoid contracting infections.


Another thing you need to make sure before you sign up for the procedure to ensure that the person you are going to get it done from has a certification to do this procedure. Only handful of trained individuals can perform this without messing it up for the clients. Be mindful of this.