A Good Gig Musicians Should Look Into

Being a musician may sound exciting, but unless you are a big star chances are that you are going to be struggling to make ends meet. Finding gigs is a great way to get a source of income, but the problem with gigging is that it can be quite unstable. Sometimes you will have lots of gigs coming in that would make it difficult for you to manage your time but you will have a lot of money in the bank so it will definitely be worth it. At other times you are going to be left languishing with nothing to do, and this would mean that you are not going to have enough money to make ends meet.

This is why you should try to look for gigs that would give you some kind of regularity at the end of the day. A good way to get this kind of regularity is to get cruise gigs. They often last a long time, giving you some regular income along with room and board in the process, and they give you good experience that you can use later on in your career as well. The great thing about gigs like this is that they are easier to come by than you would expect.

If you don’t want to commit to a long cruise, you could play on a mini cruise instead. You should check out http://travellingadventurer.com/mini-cruising/ to see what mini cruises are like. If you want to make a career out of being a musician you will have to find ways to make ends meet, and going on a mini cruise can help you get accustomed to the kind of music that is played on these voyages so you can prepare for them in advance.