6 Top Books For Young Adults

Being a teenager is one of the toughest things that anyone has to go through. You don’t have the self assuredness or experience of adulthood just yet, but the idyllic innocence of childhood is slowly but surely fading away. Hence, it becomes more important than ever for the fiction meant for people in these age groups to talk about these struggles. Here are some books that are perfect for young adults that are going through any kind of struggle. All of these books form an important part of the world of young adult literature.

#1 The Poet X By Elizabeth Acevedo

The protagonist of this story is a Dominican American teenager by the name of Xiomara Batista. Her name means “one who is ready for war”, and her personality reflects this kind of mindset. While reading this book teenagers will definitely relate to the struggles that she is going through. Xiomara can be a good role model for young adults.

#2 Troublemakers By Catherine Barter

This book takes place firmly within the modern political context. It is full of real world issues but the main character is a fifteen year old girl who is native to the city of London. Hence, it presents all of these issues within the context of being a teenager which is an important and poignant angle.

#3 Summer Bird Blue By Akemi Dawn Bowman

This book is an incredible tale of overcoming grief. The protagonist is reeling from the loss of her sister, and she tries to deal with it through music. Young adults frequently go through loss and they don’t know how to cope. This book is all about the struggle they face.

#4 Driving By Starlight By Anat Deracine

Being a woman in Saudi Arabia is not easy, and this book talks all about that. The two protagonists are teenage girls, and the book talks all about the clash of modernity with traditional family values in a conservative country. It weaves an intriguing narrative that involves a lot of exciting and tense storytelling.

#5 This Book Betrays My Brother By Kagiso Lesego Molope

This book is set in South Africa, but the timing matters a lot to. It talks about life in post apartheid South Africa, which was a troubled time in the country’s history due to the sudden change that had just occurred. It talks about a very important perspective: that of a young girl that everyone seems to hate for the very thing she is trying to feel comfortable in: her skin.

#6 Anger is a Gift By Mark Oshiro

Youth culture is becoming diverse and intersectional, and this book shows that this is the case. It tells the story of a protagonist that lives in a working class neighborhood in Oakland, and weaves a lot of modern issues such as that of sexuality and gender into the narrative. It is an important story that is told in a very heartfelt manner.