2018’s 6 Best Picture Books About History

Learning about history is important because it can put our current day to day lives into perspective. Thus, it is important to start teaching kids about history and traditions from a young age. It can be difficult to do so since kids obviously don’t understand complex ideas very well, at least not yet. Hence, using pictures can really help get the information across in a way that would be legitimately useful to your kids. Here are some of the best picture books about history that were released over the past year.

#1 Hello Lighthouse

Lighthouses are a common setting for stories because of the fact that they provide such an enchanting backdrop. This book is written in quite an interesting manner. While it is meant for kids between the ages of four and seven, it tells its story in such an interesting way that even adults would end up getting entranced by it.

#2 And There Was Evening, And There Was Morning

This book is a must read for anyone that wants to get their kid more in touch with Jewish traditions. It tells the tale of creation from within the Jewish dogma, yet it does not get boring for an instant. Indeed, this book manages to keep things interesting throughout.

#3 Auntie Luce’s Talking Paintings

This book creates a whimsical world that is sure to delight children all over the world. It focuses on shedding some light on Haitian cultures and traditions which is an extremely important aspect of the Caribbean. Haiti is one of the poorest places in the world, but the people there are still full of life. This book does well to make the whole place sound interesting.

#4 Pie is For Sharing

This is one of those classic children’s books that deals with issues that are deceptively simple yet so often end up being difficult even for adults to implement in their day to day lives. This book does a great job of talking about American society in a pluralistic and inclusive manner.

#5 The Storyteller of Damascus

This book has an exotic title, but the story it tells is timeless and beautiful. Meant for slightly older kids that are between ten and twelve years old, and is a great introduction to slightly more mature fiction. This book can help your child move on towards much more adult oriented topics because it will broaden their palette when it comes to the fiction they are reading.

#6 Every Month is a New Year

As the world becomes increasingly multicultural, it has become more important than ever for us to look into the various different cultures that comprise our world. In this book we learn about the way the new year is celebrated all across the world which makes it a great book for this time of the year.