REVIEW: YURI by Marian Tee

Marian Tee’s best book yet.

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OHHHHMYYYYGOOOSSSHHHHHHH!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!! THIS DID NOT JUST HAPPEN!!! NO NO NOOO NOOOO!!! I WAS CHEATED!!! BIG TIME!! I mean Marian Tee? The notoriously heartless bitch of an author that never fails to shatter my heart because of her damn cliffy and heart-twisting books? That I actually love? That one?! Well—sur-freakin-prise—she’s not heartless at all! YEEEESSS. That same woman! I couldn’t believe it myself at first, trust me, but yeah who would have thought right? I was totally caught off-guard! And in a good way because Yuri and Kalli? Maaaann, WELL (STANDING OVATION) DESERVED HAPPY ENDING! Marian doing a standalone HEA without the cliffy—are you out of your freaking mind?! Is that Marian Tee at all?! Hahahaha! I KNOW RIGHT?!

YURI has been sitting for a little while now in my inbox (thanks for the ARC, Marian) since I was in neck-deep with the last two books that I needed to finish because they were both awesome, too. When I finally came up for air and came out of my reviewing cave, I quickly started YURI without reading reviews aside from the fact that I asked Marian if it’s okay to read it as it is.

Aaaand—no regrets!!! YURI is one of those books that literally surprised me because apart from the plot being new (to me), it is full of heart with a little mix of heartbreak and loaded with LOL-worthy moments. I tried, I mean really hard to conceal my laughter since I read at night but OMG, I gave up and ended up literally laughing with tears like a crazy fangirl because this book? FREAKING HILARIOUS! HILARIOUSLY GOOD! And that’s a fresh change from Marian’s SOP.

UGH YOU’RE STILL READING THIS? COME ON NOW. Why are you not listening to me?! Buy the book. Start reading it. Simple!

I’ve never encountered a book like this with a very innocent and different heroine and a seemingly confident, hot, rich guy. Total opposite when it comes to the purity of both characters but even that worked for me! Yuri wasn’t that a-hole of a man who manipulated things just to get in to Kalli’s pants. Though, yes, he did get in to Kalli’s pants okay. No surprise there.

Kalli came from an abusive childhood life where she was called an it. Like she’s not a she but an it—a thing, or an animal, basically anything but a breathing human being. When she was rescued/found by her ultra rich Greek grandmom, everything changed. She’s no longer starving, she’s now surrounded by the only relative she has left whom loved her so much but she couldn’t trust that anyone could love her at all and a freaking heiress. Kalli really had huge trust issues with a bagful of creepiness since she seemed to know/hear what Yuri’s thoughts were on a sensitive time just by eye-to-eye contact.

Yuri, on the other side of wealthy and famous, was just that—wealthy, famous and sought-after. He’s the VP of Afxisi, a college biker org, and the one who was hired by Kalli’s grandmom to marry Kalli when the time’s right. But I thought Yuri was rich? What did he need the money for? Why did he agree to marry Kalli for money? Yeah but that wasn’t Yuri’s story anymore. We’ll have more of that on the next book, as per Marian herself. All I know is he had to do it for her sister. To save her sister from what I have no idea.

So… there you have it, folks. I hope you’d enjoy YURI as much as I did.

HAHA nope. Everything about Kalli fascinated me. She likes making bento. She likes being in the kitchen making bento. Basically, she loves food. She believes in foodstagramming and in the Internet too much. She’s very smart, classy, royalty, thoughtful, honest, loyal, sweet and wholesome. All the funny moments in the book came from her naivety. Case in point…

Scenario 1: When Kalli screamed on top of her lungs because of something that woke her up

“Kalli—” He took a step towards her.
“No!” She pointed at his cock accusingly.
“Stop pointing,” he growled. “And stop looking.”
“Then make it stop moving and growing!”

Scenario 2: When Kalli seemed to be so scared about… food?

“I’m going to eat you—”
Kalli whitened. “No!” She tried shoving him off. “Why? I’m not food!”
“Kalli. I don’t mean to eat you literally.”
“Oh. You should make yourself clear.”

Scenario 3: When Kalli and Yuri went out for a ride in Yuri’s bike

“I can almost kiss the road!” Kalli gasped.
He laughed. “Please don’t.”
Her arms tightened around him. “I know. I don’t want you to be jealous of the road.”
He laughed harder.


Just when I thought I was going to have a full-laughter ahead of the book, it was like Marian’s turn to say: OH, HEY LOOK AT THAT YOU ARE HAVING WAAAY SO MUCH FUN. YAY! WELL TOO FREAKING BAD, GIRL, TIME’S UP. TIME TO BREAK YOUR LITTLE HEART.

And just like that… Marian was back to her usual MO. I honestly expected this of her. Since her regular villains were around. But you can never really be prepared for that heartache so I still freaking cried. While the entirety of that heartbreaking scene was not that bad compared to Fling’s and Forever’s, it still hurt like a bitch. Anything that deals with honesty is a sensitive case for me. So you could just imagine how my chest tightened during those worst times. And how I was very close to murder Yuri for being such a huge ass idiot. Seriously?! You couldn’t believe Kalli because of what a manipulative Silas told you all those times?! And what the bitch Lily did?! YURI. SERIOUSLY. What the hell ever happened to believing Kalli not being able to lie since she hated those?!

At the end of it all, I am sooo glad Marian worked her magic well with such firm finish. What with that crazy funny but steamy scene?! And reconciliation to top it all? YESSIR!!! Marian Tee signature ending! I really wish there was more though. I’m going to miss Yuri and Kalli a whole lot. Sorry, Constantijin and Yanna, you already have a competition now.

Some Biblical references that I noticed which I need to confirm with Marian

  1. Silas, the deceitful family doctor. Of course, it’s just a name right? But Silas is one of the three missionaries who accompanied Paul to spread the Good News and the same man who was imprisoned in Philippi, still with Paul. But totally different from the Silas in this book. He’s evil here.
  2. As I was examining Kalli’s thoughts and feelings for love while reading, I couldn’t help but to think of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 as it resonated that kind of love well.
  3. Yuri weeping reminded me of how Jesus wept (John 11:35, shortest verse in the Bible) the same way when He found out His friend Lazarus was already dead. His tears of love, sympathy, sorrow, deep emotions I think was the same kind as Yuri’s. Only, nobody really died.
  4. Forgiveness. Ever since Marian opened up a bit more and revealed her reasons for forgiving so easily even when it’s so damn impossible, I finally understood. And I get it now. This is a huge deal for everyone.

And because my love for this book is over the roof…

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