Surprise Release Blitz + REVIEW + Giveaway: Where We Belong by J. Daniels

It’s been like ages of waiting for this book to come out and I’m so glad it didn’t take me long enough to finally read and devour it the same day I received an ARC! (There’s also an ongoing giveaway for a signed paperback below the post!) I remembered my day before I got it being shitty and fucked up seven ways and it just got better (maybe even best!) day of the week when I saw it popped up in my inbox. You could imagine how excited I was to go home and rush my work just so I can read!

And when I finally did, OH MY GOSH, I was highlighting like crazy! Every word that Mia said, every word that Ben said to Mia, every scene that involved Nolan and Chase, every hot scenes that involved Ben and Mia—yep, pretty much everything. I was swiftly reminded how I love the J. Daniels’ writing and how she can manipulate her characters to people that I always ended up loving myself. It never fails to amaze me how she can always pull off writing something with everything I wanted to read in a book.


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So, Where We Belong! Ugh, I really, really, really love everything in this novella. I guess it’s better if you read the first book in the Alabama Summer series, Where I Belong, that’s their book just so you won’t lost track when reading this. The Bama boys are definitely back and man, how I missed them so! (Huh, is that even possible to miss fictional characters?)

Ben and Mia was still Ben and Mia only now they’ve got not one, but two(!) c0ck blockers running around the house which made the conflict interesting. I mean, I was wondering how J. Daniels could work the n0-sex dilemma in her own style. Of course, I wasn’t disappointed! That fantasy Mia always had in her mind has turned into a steamy reality! CLUE: Includes sexy lingerie, rain, confined space, Ben and Mia’s crazy hormones, Ben in his cop uniform and… Buy the book!


Can I please also mention how amazing of a mother Mia was? I wasn’t really prepared for her being that emotional over Nolan’s case from the previous book but totally understandable. I felt every emotion on that scene even when I’m not yet a mother. And Angie’s (Nolan’s biological mom) reaction to seeing everyone in her backyard? Uh, I didn’t think she could handle that well. Ben and Mia as parents was really something. I’m very excited to see how they’d handle Nolan and Chase when they finally bring home girls for them to meet.

Nolan and Chase. Aahhh these kids were really cute and adorable! All that brotherly love and baby talk were so them! (Again, how does J do that?!) Nolan teaching Chase to say his name but all Chase got to say was Na Na? So freaking cute!!!

And of course, there was Luke and Tessa with another issue. Once again a baby issue. I really like this couple and those issues make them so real. They won’t be completed without them. And Reed and Beth, finally getting married! And CJ and Riley getting all hot and bothered! Man, I can’t wait to read their own book! Told ya, the Bama boys were so back! Although the novella didn’t really dwell on these hanging scenes, it’s nicely done—J. Daniels style. I can’t wait to harass J to write another novella with the baby issue and Reed and Beth’s wedding. Haha! I am going to have so much fun doing that!


Back to Ben and Mia and Where We Belong. There might be really something wrong with me because this made me an emotional mess (just enough amount of drama) in a good way. I could feel all the love between Ben and Mia and how they really love each other? It’s crazy! (What did J. Daniels do to my feelings!) You know how powerful and downright excellent a book can be that you know it would stay with you for the rest of your life? That’s pretty much what I feel about this novella and the whole Alabama Summer series. The sleepless nights I had to sacrifice just to finish and to know what happened to whom—it’s all worth it. I’m convinced I’d be reading all books that J. Daniels publishes until the end of time. Because her every book? Stunning. Perfection. So far, I’m updated—I haven’t missed any of her books yet and I plan to make it stay that way—and she just scored a spot in my Auto-Buy Author list.

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