October Wrap Up + November Releases

54 days until Christmas!

October has been a stressful month for me and the girls. We didn’t get to read that much but we rejoiced in the time that we did. We’re always happy to escape the harsh reality even just for a few moments.

Anyway! Here’s a rundown of the books we loved reading and are expecting to release next month!



I read a total of 12 books this month. (Not counting the ones that I haven’t finished yet.) Royally Screwed* topped my fave list this month and The Sexy One* being the next because it was such a feel-good and light romance, while Written in the Scars was the weakest of the bunch because of the subplot I wasn’t expecting to be there and totally ruined the whole experience for me. Other misses include Mr. President because hard limit (ugh I hate when this happens. It was like reading a I fucking knew it book.), Beauty and the Billionaire: The Wedding because the novella wasn’t entirely focused on the couple that’s getting married (still good though but I would’ve liked it if it was done separately) and To Love and To Cherish* because the MC frustrated me so much. I freaking loved the LI though because he’s British and he’s very LI material.

* – NYT and USA Today Best Sellers!!!!

Book Reviews

  1. Four Letter Word [3 stars] – wrong phone number, feisty MC, mysterious LI, insta-lust, very hot
  2. The Trouble with Mistletoe [4 stars] – LI cannot remember MC from high school, MC owns a pet shop, LI hates pets and doesn’t get attached (or so he says), cute romance
  3. The Bachelor Auction [4 stars] – contemporary Cinderella, very light drama, LI is being auctioned off, fairy godmother is A+
  4. Beautiful [4 stars] – final book of the series, fun road trip including wine with the Beautiful Bastard squad, MC is such a happy person while LI is kind of boring (haha sorry Jensen), slow burn romance with multiple satisfying epilogues!!
  5. Songs to Make You Stay [4 stars] – Hot Japanese LI trying to balance career and love life, MC standing her ground to stay where she is, long distance relationship, difficult choices, adorable scenes, lots of feels
  6. The Player [3.5 stars] – sports romance, MC doesn’t know LI is a famous footballer, over all good story and writing but characters are kind of meh for me
  7. The Sexy One [4 stars] – hot single dad, light romance, left me smiling all the way through but kind of short for my taste
  8. Royally Screwed [5 stars] – LI who’s a hot prince meets a commoner MC who bakes pies, funny, royalty goodness, hot and dirty sex, alternating POV, interesting secondary characters, pretty predictable because hells yeah HEA but still one of my faves

November Most Anticipated Reads



I remember Jellie telling us to back off from Thatch because she just issued a he’s mine decree and she was laughing the whole time she was reading Banking the Billionaire (loaned from She who’s a Max Monroe junkie). I believe she really enjoyed reading that one. Thatch reminded her of her boyfriend (that we’ll be meeting this Friday!). She’s reading Mr. President as of this writing.



Kcee is currently nursing a book hangover, thanks to Lucas!



Sheryl was very thrilled when she got ARCs for these two books she’s been dying to read and guess what? Yep, book hangover again. Check out her review of Scoring the Billionaire [5 stars] (she called dibs on Wes, ugh, no billionaire for me and Kcee then?) and Twisted Palace [4.5 stars], the final book of The Royals.

November Most Anticipated Read

Nov 14

Nov 14

What are you going to read next month?

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