Release Blitz + REVIEW + Giveaway: With Gratitude and Love by Skye Turner

Ahhhh!!! Ohhh myyy goooosh!!! I really, really, really love this book! I am so reading more of Skye Turner’s books now! Before you proceed, you might want to play this in the background just because it fits the right in to this amazing story.

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I couldn’t stop smiling like crazy while reading this! The story’s so beautiful but I think it’s not for insta-love fans. Though it’s not really THAT kind of insta-love, it may still appear that way. But no complains from my end! I love everything about it, in fact.

Maloree is a successful smexy romance writer and while she’s been sending cups of coffee through Java for a Joe, she’s surprised she got a reply back from one of men in service. From then on, their relationship progressed (basically something like long distance relationship just for the sake of labelling with all that emailing back and forth, Skype-ing) and when they finally met…




Sparks fly!!! I mean from the beginning, you can already tell there’d be something between them when they finally face each other because of the friendship they managed to have even through email, but maaaan I wasn’t expecting that they’d hit it off right away! And it’s good.. and bad because you know how it is for deployed service men. They’re not always around. But Cord made it worth Maloree’s while.



Cord. Freaking Hoffman!! He is a dream!!! I love him! I might even compete with Maloree if I have to. Haha! But I wouldn’t dare because he’d just flat out refuse me. Also because that kind of relationship wasn’t something fragile and easy to break. Well! Enough of my ruining-a-relationship skills and back to Cord! He’s a medic in the field but he’s so, so much more than what he is according to his friend Joe. Even Maloree couldn’t believe that he’s like the one of the characters in her book. You know, the perfect, swoonworthy guy, totally fictional… only Cord is very, very real! And he’s absolutely perfect (in and out of bed, yeah) and definitely swoonworthy. (Did I mention he can sing? My. Gosh. Ovaries!!) It’s so cute that he didn’t even know/notice how much. And so very Maloree’s. I am so jealous of this bitch. Haha!

With Gratitude and Love has a very heartwarming story that packs in all the feels, steam and struggles (even danger) of a long distance relationship. I’m so glad that the story’s not flat and even when it’s predictable, I still freaking love every bit of it. Everybody deserves an HEA after all, right?

If you want heartfelt, light and so sexy read (my kind of book to be honest) get this! Now excuse me while I send a cup of joe for a Joe in the hopes of getting my own Cord Hoffman. HAHAHAHA!





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