REVIEW: What You Wanted by Mina V. Esguerra + Paperback Giveaway

Once again, Mina V. Esguerra delivered to her homegrown (and international!) audience and made me want more with What You Wanted.

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What You Wanted is everything I never thought I would like. Maybe it’s because Damon and Andrea started on a weird footing with their one-night stand stuff on the wedding of Andrea’s sister. I was never a fan of that because it’s just too awkward but reading about it is another thing, right? Mina’s Wedding Night Stand (where Damon and Andrea started) was OK for me. So here we are now!

Damon. I loved him because I mean what’s not to love? He’s such a nice guy, funny at times, has boy-next-door vibe and he kind of already knew what he wanted, how much he wanted Andrea, even just from the beginning. Plus, I loved that he was just always there for Andrea, you know? Like, one call/text from Andrea, count on him to be there—anytime, anywhere. He’s that kind of guy. Now, I feel like hugging him again. I also loved how much he knew things about Andrea—things that even her family doesn’t know about her. He’s also kind of perfect because he wasn’t carrying some ugly baggage from the past that could taint whatever he had with Andrea. Ohh wait! There was one! More on that later.

Andrea. I admit I didn’t like her in the beginning because she’s inconsistent. Like she didn’t know who to pick between her one-night stand fling Damon or her best friend/kind of ex, but not really an ex, Thad. (You know which team I’m on, right?) Because apparently, she had feelings for Thad but Thad being himself, after what happened to the trip that only the of them knew, settled down with another woman. (What. A. Dick.) And by the way, Andrea stupidly thought there was something going on between her and Thad after that trip. But other than that, she’s one of my favorite heroines out there because not all people could be, could act, like her. She had this What you think of me is none of my business. If I know, you’re just freaking jealous vibe that makes me think she’s the epitome of a #ConfidentlyBeautiful woman. I mean, she seemed a little bit lost at times because that’s what false hopes do to you but overall, even when she had her fair share of one-night stands even before and that may come a little off to others, she just didn’t let that go to her head. She’s the kind of person who faces her own fears with her head up high (and maybe even flips her hair and sashays her hips like she’s Miss Universe), doesn’t back down to challenges and listens to what her family says. Well, mostly. And I admire her for that. Her bond with her sister Julie, is also another thing that I love. They’re complete opposite when it comes to relationships but I love that the respect between them is very present. Julie does what she does and so does Andrea. They may not like the decisions of one another but they are not the kind of people who force things to one another just because they’re sisters.

Damon and Andrea together is just too perfect. The love they had wasn’t something instant but it was there and still took them by surprise. Well, at least for Andrea. It was just a shame that she couldn’t see that at first because of Thad and Geraldine, the woman Damon went after for two years. But I’m so thankful that Mina throw them both out there to make things a little dramatic. Geraldine. I never liked her but after learning what she went through, I get it. I perfectly understood where she’s coming from. (In my opinion, she may even deserve her own book. Hi Mina! Haha!) But Thad. His sorry ass may rot in hell and I wouldn’t even give a damn. Like I said, our main characters are already perfect but the presence of those two secondary characters was placed perfectly to bring out the conflicts of the story. And that’s another factor of a good book, right? Conflict and how they could make or break things. In this case, it made things well.

What You Wanted is the perfect blend of choosing what and who matters, simple and complicated, light and heavy all at once. Both Andrea and Damon deserved their HEAs.

I would’ve complained to the lack of steamy scenes on this book and at first, I wondered why, but after putting the book down because I was done reading it, I realized why. That sudden realization made me think of just how amazing Mina has progressed in honing her craft. I mean, her Manila/Philippine-based books stay true to its setting and overall feel. You will read about that a lot in her local-based books. The same thing goes for her US-based books which are, well, you know… so freaking hot. But that just shows Mina’s talent to bring out the uniqueness of every book she writes. You read her Chic Manila books, then you get fade-to-black, nothing too explicit sex scenes because Philippines would never be… Western-ish. But then if you’re into really hot, you’ll need a fan books, well, she has Addison Hill series for that. Don’t you just love how wide her selections now for different target readers? I freaking love it! That just solidifies that Filipino authors can. And I couldn’t be more proud of them right now.

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