Blog Tour + ARC Review: What I Need by J. Daniels

Series: Alabama Summer #5
Release Date: March 5, 2017
Rating: 4/5
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Riley Tennyson has made a huge mistake.

At least, that’s what she keeps telling herself.

Showing up to her brother’s wedding pissed off and newly single, Riley seeks comfort in solitude and an open bar, until the gorgeous and irresistibly charming CJ Tully makes her a better offer―a wild night with the master of smooth-talking where nothing is off limits.

Riley does what any single woman would do, and a connection is made. One neither one of them can ignore. But when she comes home to the boyfriend she no longer thought she had, Riley buries her secret and begs CJ to do the same.

Forget about each other. It was a mistake. That’s all it was… right?

Desires are hidden. Distance is kept. Until one night CJ makes the ultimate sacrifice, and Riley can no longer avoid the man she can’t stop thinking about.

Not with him sleeping down the hall…

Call me a dumbass for having known the Alabama Summer Series just last year. Yes, I am giving you my full consent. Finished all four books in a matter of days and immediately fell madly deeply in love with the Bama gang. Super late to the party but the positive side was I didn’t have to wait ’til eternity to get a hold of CJ’s and Riley’s story.

Imagine me holding a glass of vodka, drinking myself to oblivion because I feel so sorry for myself. Officer Tully, where have you been all my life? I thought I’d be forever fixated on the nine incher Benjamin Kelly. Never have I thought that the Tully Train could easily snatch that obsession. He can call me darlin’, babe, gorgeous, whatever he likes! He doesn’t need to wait. I’ll come crawling back any time, all day, every day. The man was stimulating, very naughty, and hilarious. You’d salivate and relish the words that came out of his sexy mouth. He has this undeniable charm and maturity that is only and uniquely Tully. He was patient and thoughtful to Riley and a loving brother to Jake. And when he’s jealous? Jesus Christ! Smoldering wouldn’t even cover it! Clap, clap, author J. Daniels for creating this flawless man – I am a glutton for CJ.

Having said that I am selfish when it came down to our hero, I’ll be territorial and admit that I wanted to hurt and strangle Riley sometimes. Not only because she snagged the man in uniform but there were moments when she kept on blaming herself for things she’s not entirely responsible for.  Constantly second guessing combined with never ending assumptions. Really Riley? You’re sorry again? I swear in my mind I was pep talking her, doing her a solid – toughen up some more girl and represent please? But I conceded, somewhere along the way I knew she was a great match for CJ. Sweet, vibrant, adorable, naïve, free spirited. Damn her sensual ass and her blessed love life.

Story started really steamy and intense with mild angst, then flowed smoothly with very light conflicts towards the end. I loved how Riley and CJ’s relationship wholly developed from lust, to friendship then finally to love. It was one smooth train ride and I would have welcomed a few bumps along the way. But What I Need was still one sweet and enjoyable flaming story because aside from MC’s well-balanced chemistry, I was once again transported to Alabama with this authentic tribe that I love so much. They’re not fictional characters to me anymore and I wish they could still squeeze me in to join their gang. J. Daniels has victoriously created a group of characters that’s a staple in New Adult slash Adult Romance. You will be mobbed if you know nothing about this series. What I Need felt a little bit open ended for me. I feel, I am not so sure, but I hope there’s more for CJ and Riley in the next book. I’ll definitely pay for a second, round trip with CJ Tully!

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