REVIEW: Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters

unseen-messagesAuthor: Pepper Winters
Release Date: March 30, 2016
Rating: 5/5
Source: ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review
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From New York Times Bestseller Pepper Winters comes a timeless love story answering the question of what happens when everything is stripped away.

“There is a message for everything. From handwritten to verbal, seen and unseen. Messages exist all around us.”
But what if you don’t see?

What if you don’t understand?

What if, by ignoring the message, your life is never the same again?

Estelle Evermore morphed from nobody to somebody overnight.

Galloway Oak put his past behind him and endeavored to make his fortune using his trade.

Two strangers.

One plane.

Multiple unseen messages.

From sky to island, they find neither fame nor skills can save them. Stripped from society and left alone to survive the elements, the very task of staying alive outweighs all other needs.

Until survival turns to desire.

And desire turns to danger.

HOLY SHIIII—. This book is crazy! It’s SO amazing! It’s UNLIKE any other book I’ve read EVER! I loved it more than I hated it! AHHHHH!!! I can’t! There are no words! Definitely one of my best books this year! I want more life-changing, more thought-provoking books like this!

I’ve never read anything by this author but I’ve heard of the Indebted Series which a lot of bloggers and readers had raved about! But this one, OMG! I’m so glad it’s my first! It’s so stunning, heartbreaking and eye-opening!

Estelle Evermore just finished touring from her first debut as a singer/composer after her best friend leaked her music through YouTube. Since then, the spotlight’s been shining brightly on her but she knew things like that don’t stay for long. Now that she’s done in the music industry, she’s finally ready to go home. Alone. But things were not going smoothly as she expected. In fact, nothing was going fine at all and her gut knew something’s wrong. But she refused to listen. And now she’s going to pay the price. Whether it was worth it or not was all up to her.

Galloway Oak is ready to move on from his shameful past and is doing his very best to start over with his architecture degree. Little did he know that doing such would cost him his own life and the new one that he never thought he deserved to even have.

I’m being brutally honest when I say this book was very hard to read. Just from the first few pages, my feelings had been at the edge already and ready to explode any moment. I blame it on Pepper’s excellent narration. But it was mostly because I knew there would be something devastating waiting to happen. And man, devastating wouldn’t even cut it! Despite that though, a different kind of beauty lies within that one tragic night. Beautiful in a way that it made me reflect on things, on life, the simplicity of it all. And how our choices could really make or break us.

It’s a long book and at first I was hoping it’s shorter because it felt like too much but along the way, I got hooked, I got all kinds of feels and I cried so much that I never wanted it to end.

Unseen Messages is a beautifully well-crafted story of adventures, misadventures, loss, hope, love, new beginnings soaked in a bottle of Pepper’s magical words. It was a unique story of the unknown, of the uncertainty, of the two opposing characters that found love and life and so much more in a literally hopeless place.

The characters successfully locked me in an absolutely terrifying, emotionally-gripping journey that I felt like I was there with them—fighting for their own lives. Only I can do nothing to help them.

Believe me when I say this book is flawless—from Pepper’s perfect words to the imperfect circumstances, from every conflict you can think of to the most beautiful resolution you could’ve imagined, from death to life, from losing what you thought was everything while gaining your own definition of everything, from the characters’ hateful attitude towards each other to them slowly falling in love because fate had already intervened, from the sexually charged chemistry to the slow burn, sweet romance that’s budding between the characters. It’s the perfect survival romance book and I love it so, so much I want to bottle up these feelings and never let them go so I wouldn’t forget. Hands down one of the best books I’ve read EVER!

Super highly recommended—just prepare your emotions okay? Because there’s nothing light in the book; it’s heavy but not tiring. And those emotions? You wouldn’t have the power to control them anymore once you start reading this one. If/When you get the message that Pepper’s relayed with this book, I hope you tell the whole world.

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