#TRB2016inReview: Best Books of the Year [1 of 2]

Undoubtedly, this year has been a fantabulous one for all of us here in The Reading Belles! True friendship has been the fruit of this blog of ours but our love for romance in the books we read will remain to be the root of it all. Our reading experiences have been a mix of everything good, sometimes really bad (yes, we believe that honesty is the best policy), even odd–but most of the time amazing. So now, before we run this race called life and before 2017 starts knocking on our doors, we would like to share to you some of our memorable book moments through our year-ender. Remembering and keeping tabs on everything bookish can be a struggle sometimes, but we must right? Read on, comment if you feel like it (chitchatting is our guilty pleasure here) and we hope you enjoy our little wrap-up. Bottoms up to 2016 and cheers to 2017, book friends!

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Here at The Reading Belles, we believe in the saying “Go big or go home!” so as we finally reach the ending of our 2016 wrap up, we’d like present to you our Books of the Year! I know, I know–that gold seal looks really legit! What did we say about going big, hmm?

And though this one had been really, really hard, we couldn’t be prouder of this year’s picks! I mean, they’re all flawlessly written, unique on their own ways, so much fun with a lot of steam and topped with romance that would surely warm your hearts!

We have curated just 10 from over a hundred plus books we’ve read this year which were mostly published this 2016. You’ll find a note if it wasn’t. The books are arranged alphabetically.


published in 2015

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