#TRB2016inReview: Men of the Year Awardees *insert drool emoji here*

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  1. Reed Royal (Broken Prince, Twisted Palace) //
  2. Logan Matthews (More than Him, More than Her) // baseball catcher, pre-med student
  3. Wes Lancaster (Scoring the Billionaire) // CEO to a football team

  1. Joshua Templeman (The Hating Game) // executive assistant
  2. Lincoln Mathis (Someone Like You) // magazine editor
  3. Carson Reynolds (Engaging the Bachelor) // doctor
  4. Logan Harris (To Love and to Cherish) // accountant
  5. Grayson Price (Learning to Fall published this year by Anvil) // ex co-captain of rugby team, heir to family business
  6. Gabriel Park (Scandalized) // PR specialist
  7. Caleb Pierce (Everywhere and Every Way) // CEO to a construction company, builder
  8. Ian Asher (One Hot December) // CEO and heir to family business, builder
  9. Logan Crenshaw (Secret Santa) // woodworker, obsessed alpha
  10. Barrett Landry (Sway) // city mayor
  11. Liam Quinn (Wicked Heart) // Hollywood movie star
  12. Rhyson Gray (Refrain) // rock star
  13. Shinta Mori (Songs to Make You Stay) // Japanese movie star
  14. Paxton Wilder (Wilder) // professional adrenaline junkie
  15. Grayson Lockwood (Bargaining for the Billionaire) // CEO
  16. Trevor Bishop (Until I’m Yours) // CEO
  17. Miles Osbourne (Everything for Her) // CEO, obsessed alpha
  18. Reese Crane (The Billionaire Bachelor) // CEO to Crane Hotels
  19. Nicholas Pembrook (Royally Screwed) // Prince of Wessco
  20. Mark Dixon (Defenseless) // ex-Navy SEAL sniper
  21. Ethan Booker (Hard Compromise) // town sheriff
  22. Alex “Easy” Rogers (On Broken Wings) // F16 fighter pilot

  1. Chase Parker (Bossman) // chemist
  2. Damien Hennessey (Neighbor Dearest) // landlord, spray paint artist
  3. John Tucker (The Goal) // ice hockey player, young dad
  4. Logan Matthews (More than Him, More than Her) // baseball catcher, pre-med student
  5. Lucas Preston (Lucas) // athlete, construction worker

  1. Thatcher Kelly (Banking the Billionaire) // CEO, Jellie’s (^) husband

Still breathing? You’re welcome.

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