#TRB2016inReview: New-to-Us Authors

Undoubtedly, this year has been a fantabulous one for all of us here in The Reading Belles! True friendship has been the fruit of this blog of ours but our love for romance in the books we read will remain to be the root of it all. Our reading experiences have been a mix of everything good, sometimes really bad (yes, we believe that honesty is the best policy), even odd–but most of the time amazing. So now, before we run this race called life and before 2017 starts knocking on our doors, we would like to share to you some of our memorable book moments through our year-ender. Remembering and keeping tabs on everything bookish can be a struggle sometimes, but we must right? Read on, comment if you feel like it (chitchatting is our guilty pleasure here) and we hope you enjoy our little wrap-up. Bottoms up to 2016 and cheers to 2017, book friends!

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Let’s face it: authors and readers have this mutual relationship where one couldn’t exist without the other. It’s the total match made in heaven. And we know how hard it is for authors to step up their game because the real life of being an author can be quite intimidating. Lucky for these ones, they’ve made a lasting and stunning first impression (see which books made that by the covers shown below) that earned them instant fans that would not only read their books but also review and pimp them in ways we know how. (Yes, including their backlist and front list titles.) These authors write beautifully, with words and stories that will surely hold you down, make you laugh, blush, even cry, feel things. Without further ado, here’s the roster of our new auto-click authors!

To quote Kcee,

I love each and every one of these wordsmiths. Popular or new ones, doesn’t matter. You ALL put the same effort and sacrifice the same thing for your books. You ALL need the same kind of support from everyone. Thank you for the amazing escape you have given me and the rest of the readers in this community. You have no idea how much you matter.

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