#TRB2016inReview: Books That Didn’t Work For Us

Undoubtedly, this year has been a fantabulous one for all of us here in The Reading Belles! True friendship has been the fruit of this blog of ours but our love for romance in the books we read will remain to be the root of it all. Our reading experiences have been a mix of everything good, sometimes really bad (yes, we believe that honesty is the best policy), even odd–but most of the time amazing. So now, before we run this race called life and before 2017 starts knocking on our doors, we would like to share to you some of our memorable book moments through our year-ender. Remembering and keeping tabs on everything bookish can be a struggle sometimes, but we must right? Read on, comment if you feel like it (chitchatting is our guilty pleasure here) and we hope you enjoy our little wrap-up. Bottoms up to 2016 and cheers to 2017, book friends!

While 2016 has been a great year of reading for us, it’s not unusual to have those books that are sadly a miss on our end. You might have read any of these books and we’re so glad that you loved them but if not, we’re truly sorry to know that. You’re not alone though, because unfortunately, we didn’t love them as much as others did.

The Fire Between Hi and Lo by Brittainy C. Cherry – turned out to be more of a family drama than a love story.

Wasted Words by Staci Hart – started out fresh with a plot with so much potential but the heroine became exhausting and her low self-esteem (which I know is part of the conflict) kind of ruined the chemistry.

Checkmate: This is War by Kennedy Fox [REVIEW by @bittersweetreads] – too much unnecessary parts, too much repetitiveness in terms of writing style, but with a thin plot. Motivations a little bit petty for my liking. I think could have worked if it were just one book.

Addicted by Elle Kennedy – the secondary couples were far more interesting than the main.

[DNF] Stella’s Awakening by RK Ryde – Yes, the conflict was different but I think it restricted its reach. Not relatable if I’m being honest.

A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole [REVIEW by @iambinibini] – has a death plot (that I didn’t know and was a solid hard limit of mine, had I known I would definitely not read–because let’s face it where’s the HEA there???), too exhausting for my taste because I cried like 90% of the time while reading it.

Pucked Over by Helena Hunting [REVIEW by @iambinibini] – too much sex without much going on, romance plot was trying hard, chemistry was very forced and use of euphemisms were unimpressive.

Naughty Boss by Whitney G. – no plot at all, enemies-to-lovers didn’t deliver, big disappointment.

Mr. President by Katy Evans [REVIEW by @iambinibini] – potentially strong plot but finished up weak with dragging and repetitive scenes and narration, underdeveloped characters and a cliffhanger (that shouldn’t be the case had the scenes were not redundant).

[DNF] Cream of the Crop by Alice Clayton – frustrating read, heroine was annoying af, hero was no better, no chemistry.

Dirty Deeds series by J. Daniels – for some reason, I couldn’t make that connection I usually felt for J. Daniels’ characters from this series and it saddened me.

A Field Guide to Catching Crickets by A.Wilding Wells – The storyline has potential, but it felt like there’s something missing. The heroine also frustrated me until the last few chapters–well, pretty much the whole time.

Furious Rush by S.C Stephens [REVIEW by @sucker_for_books] – This one left me hanging for days and not in the good way. It didn’t build up like I was expecting it to. It felt like a drag and to be honest, boring. The ending will left you feeling incomplete.

[DNF] Four Letter Word by J.Daniels – I didn’t finish the book so I’m not going to say anything about it other than maybe when I was reading this, it wasn’t the right time yet. That’s why I couldn’t connect with the story and the characters. I still going to try to read it one day.

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