REVIEW + Giveaway: The Hang Up by Tawna Fenske

the-hang-upAuthor: Tawna Fenske
Series: First Impressions #2
Release Date: June 13, 2016
Rating: 3/5
Source: ARC was provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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PR specialist Miriam Ashley makes her living cleaning up bad boys. Mountain climber-turned-CEO Jason Sanders should be an easy fix. And with a nephew to care for, he’s motivated. The problem? Every time she tries to help Jason get his head in the boardroom, they end up in the bedroom.

What the hell is she thinking? He’s the definition of off-limits. Not just because he’s a client—he spends his free time risking his life mountain climbing. The same thing that got her father killed. She’s not going to open her heart to a guy who could disappear at the drop of a…well, she’d rather not finish that thought.

She needs to leave complicated alone, but every time she sees Jason, something tells her it’s her who might fall…

Each book in the First Impressions series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.

City Girl meets Outdoorsy Boy. Miriam Ashley meets Jason Sanders in an unfavorable incident. After that slip of Miriam’s pet Phuzeei that let her see Jason’s junk accidentally, she hoped she wouldn’t see him again. But both of them were in for a surprise when they found out they’re going to work together to save Jason’s new company. They’re the exact opposite, both have different priorities—him his nephew and her her chosen kind of guy and that’s why Miriam had to draw the lines and stick to her decision to not fall for a guy whose idea of fun is risking his own life for adrenaline—just like her father did. Could she stick with it though?

This was my first Tawna Fenske book and I liked it. It was acceptable. It’s so light, sexy enough and definitely amusing.

While this is the second book of the First Impressions series, it stands alone and it’s about the co-owner of PR firm First Impressions, Miriam Ashley and adrenaline-junkie-turned CEO Jason Sanders. I have not read the first book which was about Holly, the other half of First Impressions.

The story started out good and I liked the characters enough not to actually hate them. Miriam is this modern business woman who’s very posh, elegant and doesn’t like the great outdoors so much. Totally understandable though since she lost her father in mountain climbing. She’s not annoying at all. She just had a bad taste of naming her pet. I mean, Phuzeei? That’s just so tacky. But personality-wise, she’s fine and I’d like to keep her. Also because, she’s a good cook and likes designer stuff. Haha!

On the other side of the spectrum was Jason Sanders. Jason who loves adventures, taking care of his sister and nephew and a freaking martyr. Or selfless if you want me to be subtle about it. He’s the kind of guy who thinks he could do it all. I was very fascinated with his character at first because he knew a lot about a lot of nature-y/sporty things. But of course, he had to. After all, he’d ran his own adventure company before jumping to the corporate world to help his sister and his nephew. But later on, I found out he didn’t know about a lot things as well. Like… proper dinner etiquette? Table manners? Well, okay—maybe I expected too much from a CEO because I really thought those were a given. It didn’t turn me off. Not at all. It was just… weird, I guess? And Miriam had to teach him that. For the record, he’s not so bad and not a d-bag. Oh, maybe just a little bit of the latter but overall he has a good heart and he’s the perfect match for Miriam.

Both of the characters have emotional baggage but it’s nothing heavy—it’s actually realistic so I think that’s a plus. Their chemistry was amazing and I loved every moment of them together. I loved how both of them tried to do different things because it’s actually fun. And that made them more relatable in a way.

The book was decent, the writing wasn’t boring, too. I enjoyed it but there were a few cliches that may turn off some readers.

Overall, The Hang Up was fairly good for me and I recommend it if you’re looking for a light story with developed characters and romance that would keep you satisfied until the end. And I would definitely read other books by the author in the future.


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