REVIEW: The Duke Takes a Bride by Suzette de Borja

Some fanmade editz/teasers I did for this book.

I’m so glad that The Duke Takes a Bride is my first Suzette de Borja book! Even when the plot is not unusual, I still loved it because Suzette’s words? Ah, mesmerizing! That pretty much won me over when I started reading. It put up with its royalty title and I could tell it’s researched because of some things that Suzette included which made it feel even classier, duke-ish. The tiniest details really but it added to the overall impact of the book for me.

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So! This book is about The Delicious Duke of Blackmoore (that’s according to Imogen, by the way) Julian Alastair Ehling Walkden (What? No kidding! His Royal Highness, remember?) and head-over-heels-in-love-with-Julian Imogen (I forgot her surname, sorry huhu). Julian is the brother of Imogen’s best friend. And I don’t know, maybe the sister is actually rooting for her to become her brother’s lifetime partner? Julian is a dick, though handsome, hot, intelligent, snob, still a manipulative, heartless dick. Mostly because of his attitude after what happened between him and Imogen. And because he had a not so pretty past. (Not enough reason, right?) He’s just… too stupid for words. Haha! Whatever, Julian. And Imogen, hmm. There were times I wanted to slap her because she’s just too in love with Julian. But if there’s another thing that I loved in this book? It’s her. She’s beautiful inside out and it breaks my heart that Julian couldn’t see that.

Suzette throws in a lot of twists throughout the whole book which will make you turn to the next page to see what happens. It’s pretty interesting. And funny. And so hot! But the hotter parts only came later on. Not complaining though. Because haha-it was really steamy and the parts before it were full of chemistry, funny and emotional moments! How I wish though that Suzette made Julian grovel harder because he deserved it and for making my heart ache, it made me cry. (Julian The Jerk, yeah.) But overall, for a Suzette de Borja starter I was satisfied and I’d read more books from her and even recommend them to my other bookish friends who are into romance.

I hope the funny doctor gets his own book!

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