REVIEW + Giveaway: The Billionaire Bachelor by Jessica Lemmon

billionaire-bachelorAuthor: Jessica Lemmon
Series: Billionaire Bad Boys #1
Release Date: June 28, 2016
Rating: 5/5
Source: ARC was provided through NetGalley
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Indecent Proposal

Manwhore. That’s what the board of directors-and the tabloids-thinks of billionaire bachelor Reese Crane. Ordinarily he couldn’t care less, but his playboy past is preventing the board from naming him CEO of Crane Hotels. Nothing-and no one-will keep him from his life’s legacy. They want a settled man to lead the company? Then that’s exactly what he’ll give them.

Merina Van Heusen will do anything to get her parents’ funky boutique hotel back-even marry cold-as-ice-but-sexy-as-hell Reese Crane. It’s a simple business contract – six months of marriage, absolute secrecy, and the Van Heusen is all hers again. But when sparks fly between them, their passion quickly moves from the boardroom to the bedroom. And soon Merina is living her worst nightmare: falling in love with her husband…

Oh my gosh. This book—WOW! I never wanted it to end! It’s brilliant. It’s everything. It’s perfect. Hands down, one of my top 2016 reads!

Merina Van Heusen loved the Van Heusen Hotel so much. The owned it after all. Or so she thought until her parents told her they sold it to Crane Hotels with Reese Crane as the up and coming CEO. But that could only happen if the board saw Reese as the serious, un-manwhore type. He wouldn’t just let anyone get the spot he worked hard for so when he saw an opportunity to secure the seat even when it involved settling down with someone as ballsy as Merina, he would do it. Now, if only their feelings wouldn’t get in the way.

I feel so sorry for myself that I only got to read a Jessica Lemmon book this time. It felt like I was missing out on a lot of great things and I was just… a sore loser. But am not anymore! Yay!

I swear I’ve been waiting for a book like this! Bad boy, gorgeous billionaire meets his match with an equally badass, sassy and intelligent heroine. It’s so rare that I got to read a story with so much depth, so much emotions, humor and the best of smart-ass conversation even when the trope was so used. Yeah, the arranged marriage thing where fake feelings turned to something more, something warm, something so sure. This might be the best pretend relationship book I’ve read. Ever!

Merina felt so enraged after she found out they wouldn’t get to keep the Van Heusen Hotel anymore. It’s basically her baby and she would take care of it no matter what’s at stake. Even her whole life. And there’s only one way to keep it: marry Reese Crane, soon-to-be CEO of Crane Hotels. Also the buyer of their hotel. Merina is nothing but an absolute perfection. She’s driven, passionate, strong, smart and has a heart so big, so caring behind the classy and sexy woman that she is. Translation: the epitome of a perfect woman. She’s fiercely loyal that also made her careful of her decisions as it could make or break her. And it did, break her, once and she wasn’t about to go over that road again.

Reese had trusted a woman once and that only left him feeling like never good enough despite giving her everything he had—money, fame, his heart. Really all the things and still it wasn’t enough. So him being this cold-hearted, manwhore that everyone knew about was nothing on him. They weren’t saying things he didn’t knew already. But with his guards down, was a man who’s been hurt twice yet had so much to give if only he let himself feel things. He’s the same with Merina in ways that matter and that only intensified their perfectness for each other.

The thing about The Billionaire Bachelor was how it was perfectly mesmerizing—pacing, plot, characters, the narrative. OMG I’m just so in love with this book! The characters’s weaknesses that made them strong in the end and the way they have already captivated me in ways I never expected, the plot that had already been used more than a hundred times but still worked because of its unique charm and the writer’s attack on it and how each turn was strong in the feels—heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time, were all the strong points of the book. Actually, everything in the book is a strong point—that I can assure you. I might’ve cried once or twice because everything felt too much yet not enough because Merina and Reese’s journey to HEA was so well-deserved. And even when the story was predictable and I was expecting a thing that’s too common for this trope, I was so pleased Jessica didn’t steer to that particular direction.

I couldn’t really point out a huge fault in the book aside from I wanted it to last longer. I wanted more of Merina and Reese and their love, their easy banter and the sexy times and I hope Jessica has more for us with this lovely couple. A 2016 favorite, must-read and so highly recommended!


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