ARC Review: Tempt Me by J. Kenner

Series: Stark International Trilogy #3.71 (novella)
Release Date: February 14, 2017
Rating: 4/5
I volunteered to review an ARC.
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Sometimes passion has a price …

When sexy Stark Security Chief Ryan Hunter whisks his girlfriend Jamie Archer away for a passionate, romance-filled weekend so he can finally pop the question, he’s certain that the answer will be an enthusiastic yes. So when Jamie tries to avoid the conversation, hiding her fears of commitment and change under a blanket of wild sensuality and decadent playtime in bed, Ryan is more determined than ever to convince Jamie that they belong together.

Knowing there’s no halfway with this woman, Ryan gives her an ultimatum – marry him or walk away. Now Jamie is forced to face her deepest insecurities or risk destroying the best thing in her life. And it will take all of her strength, and all of Ryan’s love, to keep her right where she belongs…

I haven’t read this series yet and this is my first of the author but I am so very pleased to say that I enjoyed this book.

Ryan Hunter is the epitome of a book husband (yes, not book boyfriend). Deliciously sexy, alpha, patient and has a huge heart for love. He’s very committed to Jamie even when the girl still refuses to marry him. (She has reasons.) He knows how to bring her pleasure and pain. And his love for her is truly heartfelt, passionate, went beyond the pages.

Jamie, on the other hand, is scared that marriage will change things between them. For the record, I believe she really loves Ryan. It’s just that she couldn’t come to terms with the depth of Ryan’s love for her. That Ryan needs that label. Not because of anything but just because the guy loves her hard.

From what I gathered while reading, they’ve been together for years (two, I think) and they truly love each other, no doubt about that. This is enough time for Jamie to get her bearings together, work out on her fear of marriage but still she didn’t want to cross that final line with Ryan. It also didn’t help that her parents whom she thought was forever in love were separating. That shook her foundation twice as hard, making her doubt things again. This was where I almost dragged her by the hair and pull her to Ryan’s side because she’s freaking stubborn and blindsided by her fear. She was that frustrating and I couldn’t really blame Ryan for issuing an ultimatum.

In the end, I was satisfied that Ryan also apologized for doing what he did (ultimatum) to Jamie (because it was unfair to her) and the love that Ryan showed in the beginning of the book shone out more brightly when the story was about to be wrapped up. Because he did understand and he’d take Jamie, ready or not for marriage. And finally, Jamie’s heart convinced her head that Ryan was worth it.

Tempt Me is absolutely decadent, erotic and romantic with all the sexy things. Due to a very little BDSM it has, this book is suitable for mature readers.


“I adore all of the women in my life,” he says. “I’d do anything for them.” He’s looking at me as he says it, and my heart flutters in my chest. But I’m not sure if he’s including me in that group, or if the hint of meaning I hear in his voice is nothing more than my imagination.
I shake my head as I frown, trying to clear my thoughts.
“You okay?”
“Fine,” I say, though it’s not true. Our rhythm is off, and it’s scaring me. We’ve always been in sync, even before we were dating. And now—well, now it almost feels like he’s deliberately keeping me off balance.
I want to get back to normal, and I don’t know the path, and my lack of confidence is frustrating me.
“Are you heading home?” Ryan asks.
I shake my head. “Oh, I don’t know. I haven’t decided. You?”
“Moira and I are taking Mom back to the hotel.”
I wait for him to invite me along, and when he doesn’t, I say, “It’ll be nice for you guys to have time to chat in the car. But she usually crashes early, doesn’t she?”
“Usually. Why?”
“Oh. Um.” I lick my lips. “Because I was wondering if you wanted to meet me somewhere. We could get a drink. We could talk.”
“Talk,” he repeats. He meets my eyes, and I see the question in them—have I changed my mind? Am I going to say yes?
I glance down at the floor.
“Talk,” he repeats. “No, I’m sorry. I can’t do that.”
I look up, frustrated. “But, Ryan, I just—”
“I have plans. I’m going to Westerfield’s.”
“Oh.” Westerfield’s is one of the hottest clubs in town. It’s also a Stark property, which means when Ryan goes he gets the full VIP treatment. Something that never fails to snag the attention of the female patrons. Most of whom are usually drunk. And wearing outfits that are barely big enough to keep a Barbie doll modest.
“Oh,” I repeat.
I wait for him to suggest I join him there, but all he says is, “It really was great that you came.” Then the bastard leans in and kisses my cheek. He kisses my f*cking cheek.

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