REVIEW: Sustained by Emma Chase

Emma outdone herself in Sustained and I feel like it is by far her best book right now.

Emma Chase is a constant 5-star earner to me because of her LOL-funny, swoon-worthy and definitely sexy and hot books. She’s got an unshaken spot in my Auto-Buy Author list instantly ever since the release of Drew Evans. I mean Tangled, which, by the way, made her won the 2013 Best Debut Goodreads Author. And AKA The Queen of Male POVs. You have to read Tangled and the rest of Tangled series to get what I’m talking about. And her books aren’t cheap, okay. Way over my price limit for an ebook. But this is just me telling I’d buy everything this woman writes even when it comes with the price. (Hey you know she’s worth it—her books are.)

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Sustained is one of my most anticipated releases this month and I’m so glad I’ve read and devoured it on the same day it was released. Yay, #ReleaseDayReader mission achieved! It is the 2/3 of The Legal Briefs Series which revolves around three gorgeous lawyers. Overruled (The Legal Briefs 1) is Stanton and Sofia’s book. Sofia’s one hell of a woman and a lawyer, too. They all come from the same law firm. After finishing the first book when it was released, I was left with this jumpy excitement and sheer happiness because Jake Becker was very interesting. He’s the silent-killer type and knows his way in and out of the courtroom.

10 Things I Love About Sustained

  1. Heartfelt acknowledgments. I never miss the acknowledgments page of any book that I read and this making me tear up just because of it was a sure sign it’s going to be an excellent book.

    But right from the beginning, Sustained felt different. There’s a depth and poignancy to Jake and Chelsea that pulls so hard on the heartstrings and yet is also fun. Their passion, their hopes and fears, sadness and joy was an extraordinary thing to experience—I couldn’t remember being more excited to share a story with my readers.

    What the? Why am I getting emotional again just from typing it?!

  2. Insightful. Emma Chase’s books are those that’s opinionated, real, direct to the point, factual even. Sustained got it all. I think it’s because the book should have the lawyer facts straight and it didn’t fail on that aspect.

    “When you take everything else away—money, clothes, nice cars, big houses—all a man has is his word. That he says exactly what he means, and he does what he says. If a man doesn’t have his word, he’s not a man.”

  3. Jake’s realness and vulnerability. For a man like Jake, I never thought he’d be like one of those douchebags that’s so scared of commitment. Freaking man didn’t even realize every time he’s spent with the kids without regrets made him already committed to them. For a defense lawyer, he’s dumb on that part. Chelsea hit the freaking gold when she said what a coward Jake was. That scene sliced me.

    “I don’t want this, Chelsea. I don’t want this life. I can be a friend to you—to them—but this thing between us, whatever it is… needs to end now.”

    STUPID LITTLE SHIT. What an idiot. Ugh so much for falling in love with this a-hole.

  4. Jake’s soft side. I pictured Jake as this huge tattooed lawyer so it didn’t occur to me how soft he could get. Especially around Judge.

    “I did find him for you. I checked up on him. He’s doing really well—you don’t have to worry. He’s on his way to making partner. And he… asked me to tell you how grateful he is, for everything you did for him. All the things you taught him. He hopes… he wants to make you proud.”

  5. Jake’s all-around masculine prowess. Big Jake’s knowledgable washing machine skills, Big Jake putting a tiny little bunch to bed, Jake changing baby diaper with the help of Google and then…

    I lift his kicking legs and slide a fresh diaper underneath him. And then—without warning—a hot stream of piss, like a fireman’s hose, arches in the air, coating my shirt with expert aim. I glare down at the baby. “Seriously, man?” He just smiles around the hand he’s chewing on. Fucking Google didn’t mention this.

  6. Jake’s way of handling the kids. Definitely daddy-material. Can go really soft and hard around them without losing the respect. He even chaperoned Riley and Stanton’s daughter, Preston, at a One Direction concert! IMAGINE THAT NIGHTMARE FOR A GUY. Haha!

    I clear my throat and softly sing the One Direction lyrics that have been buzzing in my head for days like overcaffeinated insects.

    “Everyone else in the room can see it…
    Everyone else but you…”

    I finish the goddamn chorus. Rosaleen applauds softly and Riley sighs dreamily. “Best song ever.”

    I hate myself right now.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA and Jake never sings, FYI.

  7. Chelsea’s I-can-do-this attitude. I love Chelsea so much because even when she’s got six teenage rugrats under her care, she just doesn’t back down. And for a woman her age it’s amazing how huge her love for the kids. I don’t know how she does it but she’s pretty cool, ballsy and beautiful.

    “Because I love them. They’re mine. Raising them is the most important thing I’ll ever do. And some days it’s hard… but even on those days, there’s so much joy. They’re everything to me.”

  8. The kids being kids. Rory’s (twin #1, the bad boy) response to his parents’ death AKA doing shit for giggles because he just can, Raymond’s (the other twin, the genius) fondness for things he could control and weird organic concoctions, Riley being a huge fan of freaking One Direction, Rosaleen’s sweet, happy vibe, Regan only knowing four words (hi, no, Jake, yes) and Ronan pissing-on-Jake-unapologetically Ronan. What a cute bunch right?
  9. Jake’s passion for Chelsea. Damn these two. I have no words. Drew and Kate has just found their competition.

    I want her—this fearless, stunning woman. And I want the kids. Those perfect, awful amazing children—whom she loves with every inch of her soul. I want them to be mine. Mine to hold, mine to protect and teach. Their joy, their laughter, their love. I want to come home to it, bask in it, be the reason for it. But even more than that, I want to deserve them. To be worthy.

    “No one could love you—need you—as much as I do. You’re everything to me—the only thing that matters.”

  10. Jake’s second smarter decision. I was thinking if Emma would still put Jake’s ass on the bad side of the story but I was so glad he didn’t stay on it for too long.

    “I quit.”

    There’s more to that quote than what your brain may think of right now.

Just when I thought Emma already wrote her best book ever (gosh look at your head right now, Drew Evans, it’s getting bigger and bigger), I was in awe at this book’s perfection. I mean, I know what an amazing storyteller Emma is but Sustained was very different. The best kind of different with all the funny, teary moments plus the exact amount drama, huge fill of sexy and love that’s seeping through each page. It’s one of those books that made me stay up late, that made me hug my Kindle so tight it’s crazy. It’s one of those books that I wanted to delay reading because I never wanted it to end. But I couldn’t because of my greediness. Finishing Sustained was so hard because I truly didn’t want to let go of it, of the kids, of Jake and Chelsea. And the moment I was done, I went on and reread it. Screw sleep and work the next day. It never happened every day anyway. They say reading is an experience and with the Sustained book hangover that I’m still sporting right now, yep, definitely an experience I want to do all the time. Give me and/or update me with a new Emma Chase book any time of the day and I’d be that overly exaggerated happy girl who can’t scream on top her lungs because her voice matters in her career, so I’d just be the emotional, I-need-a-minute-to-process-this fangirl who may or may not cry publicly. And I hate it when people see me cry. But for Emma Chase’s book/s? I’d practically do anything as of this moment. I also do not like being surprised at all but for her and her books? She could surprise me all she wants and I wouldn’t even dare bat an eyelash. Game freaking on, Emma.

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