Release Blitz + REVIEW: Still Water by A. M. Johnson

Still WaterAuthor: A.M. Johnson
Series: Forever Still #2
Release Date: October 12, 2015
Rating: 5/5
Source: ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

After being rejected by his childhood best friend, Todd Dixon turns his back on love and all its false promises. Three years later, he’s living in a new city, making a name for himself with his bar, record label, and one night stands.

Lily Spring knows nothing but the music that flows through her veins, but after one night of betrayal that ended in tragedy, her entire life falls from under her right along with her musical dreams. Now, she finds herself living in a new state with a sister she barely knows and a dream that she MUST fulfill.

He’s everything she doesn’t need.

Stubborn as hell, sexy as sin, with a reputation as wicked as his body. To make things worse, he’s her new boss and the ticket to what she’s always wanted.

When two fates collide and passions burn high, will the fire die or will it simmer into a slow burn becoming much more than either of them thought possible.

This isn’t just a love story.

This is a story of hope, repentance and second chances.

Are you ready?


First of all: O… M… G… WHOA.

Second: W O W .

Third: Get this. Right now. No kidding, you don’t have to read this review. Just go, buy and read it.

This was my first AM Johnson book and I wasn’t really expecting anything. So you could just imagine how mindblown…




I-really-want-to-hug-this-author-so-tight-right-now kind of amazed I was when I started reading it.

Hook, line, and freaking sinker!

Todd Dixon, the hot tattooed guy who runs a bar and a record label and the golden voice behind The Lakeside Prophets, was very heartbroken. And I can’t blame him. Whose heart won’t be shattered if the only love of your life marries another person… that is your best friend? But it’s not like what you’re thinking. No cheating happened. (Thank God.) From the beginning, my heart went out for Todd because he was really miserable. It was like Elizabeth (the love of his life) was a compass in Todd’s life and suddenly the compass was gone. So he was lost, very lost. To the point that he felt like he wasn’t himself anymore, that he started building walls for people to prevent from hurting/getting close to him.

But not until he met Lily Spring. In the bar he’s managing. As a bartender. I honestly loved how they met because Todd wasn’t expecting a beautiful girl besides Tiffany (Todd’s co-worker in the bar) to be behind the bar counter, dancing like no one’s watching. I love Lily. She’s kind-hearted, goal-driven and has a beautiful voice, too. Yeah, she sings and signs well. Take it from all the circumstances life has thrown her way and she got that intense feels whenever she’s on stage singing her heart out.

And when those two collided? It was so fierce that I felt every extreme emotion they had for each other; it was crazy. Their chemistry, their fears, their strengths were very real I wondered if I was still reading fiction.

Ahhh my heart can’t take all the feelings this book forced me to feel. But I’m so glad it did because it was truly captivating, it sucked me whole and didn’t let me go until the very end. It was like I was in Mariana Trench and I loved that it’s pulling me in swallowing me whole? (But of course, not in that way really because I’d be dead by then.) But I hope you get the point! And if all the stories I read were like this one? They are free to eat me up alive any damn time. Haha! Sure it was a bit funny but more than that it was really exceptional. Their journey together was rough but it was very beautiful. I am so glad Amanda didn’t go for the usual plot and put in her unique magic to make their story… interesting (and a bit heartbreaking in my part). The way Amanda also individualized Todd and Lily as human beings was also flawless! To be honest, I still find myself re-reading a few times more because I can’t seem to let them go yet. And perfection. Definitely one of my top reads this year! And one of the fictional couples I’d keep coming back to. Amanda has perfected the way to keep me 100% focused in reading her book. And I blame her excellent writing for that.

You know what they say about having a taste and then you get addicted? That’s pretty much my case now that I’ve tested to read an AM Johnson book. Now you know I’m counting the days until Still Surviving, Seth and Tiffany’s story, because I floved those two in this book! Is it winter yet?!


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Amanda Marie Johnson was born and raised in Valrico, Florida. She’s now surrounded by mountains with her husband and three children in Ogden, Utah. She attended Weber State University and graduated with her A.S.N. She is a full-time registered nurse. Reading and writing have always been something she is passionate about. She loves to write about the human experience, love and happily ever afters.

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