REVIEW: Songs of Our Breakup by Jay E. Tria

I don’t read a lot of music-related books because of my non-musical inclination. I don’t understand notes, G sharp, B flat and things related to music. You might as well just grow another head to me. Then why on earth did you read a book about that, you may ask. Well, let’s see. This one is written by a Filipino and independent author and I’m a sucker for both as stated in my Book Blog about page. Though it’s about music, it’s also about heartbreak which just means more feels for me. Feels is a big requirement in my book! But throw in music and heartache together? That is feels on a whole different level! And lastly, THAT cover. You know what I mean, right? That guitar is very attractive, correct? Good because it has its own backstory in the book.

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Songs of Our Breakup made me think of the local movie The Breakup Playlist at first, but I was proven wrong. So glad for that! The book has more depth and packed with more emotions. And with the writing style Jay has, you won’t be disappointed. For me, it’s one of those books that’s well-written and kept me to click on the next page.

Themes are post-breakup psycho-depression and perpetually unrequited love.

The so-called chapters were gone and replaced by dates/timeline of what happened with Kim and Jill and Trainman, their band, and Shinta. I admit getting confused by the flashbacks here and there, though, but it’s not much of a big deal. Trainman is a five-man band consists of Kim, Jill, Miki, Son and Nino. Shinta just happened to be the hot Japanese movie star who liked to parade himself with Jill. Haha, just kidding! He’s the son of Jill’s professor and the brave soul who went backstage to meet Trainman after their number at a music festival. From then on, friendship blossomed among them, especially with Jill.

He was beautiful, standing there as if shining in his own spotlight. The beautiful boy smiled. “I’m Shinta Mori.”

Apart from Jay’s outstanding storytelling, the story seemed to be realistic and honestly, very relatable to others. I mean, I had my share of breakup and it’s a freaking mess to be in one. At one point, you rely on ice cream and music to heal your battered heart, in most cases. Let’s not even get started with our musings at night or at midnight when everything just seemed to replay itself on its own accord, in vivid images. And we question, sometimes even blame, ourselves for something we don’t have any control of. And the songs included in this breakup book? Maaaan, F-E-E-L-S. Tasteful choice of words with bitterness, sappiness, brokenness.

Can I still wait for you baby
When I can’t make it with you?
– Bright Side (Nino, Son)

I wonder if Jay knew I’m not a music fan and she made it her priority to make me a convert or something. Because I loved all the songs written by the characters! If she has the mp3 files of those ready, I am so going to listen and put them on loop!

Kim and Jill broke up after what, 7 long years? And the breakup happened through some cheap way that most boys know of. I don’t freaking get it. At least have some balls to do it the proper way, right? That put Kim under my a-hole list of guys. And now Jill had a self-imposed probation period AKA hanging by a thread kind of hope that they’d still be getting back together. Huh, talk about girl power, woman! I was very pleased by the sudden turn of events, though, because of Shinta. Real silver lining. Total opposite of Kim. He’s been in touch constantly with Jill but he’s in Japan so yeah, some kind of LDR stuff. But then there was Miki. I love Miki! He’s the smart, silent and emotional type. I’m so grateful that Jay gave him his own voice because it was really nice to hear about his thoughts on things. The bond and conversation between their bandmates were amazing, too! It made the story more interesting that I was always on the lookout for who’s going to say the funniest, smartest stuff next and to whom.

So after a thorough thought-processing, I’m still having second thoughts if I’m going to be on #TeamShinta or #TeamMiki. Because Miki. And because Shinta. OMG why is this so freaking hard?!

He could handle the little aches, the tiny fissures on his heart that he endured every time she smiled at him. But he could not handle losing her.

“I like seeing your face. Every time I miss you, I’d just click on my phone and there you are. I don’t know why I didn’t do that sooner.”

Did you think Kim and Jill get back together and still write songs together like they did before? If not, then who ended up with whom is what you should find out!

In the end, I’m so proud of Jay because she’s a Filipina who did not disappoint on her first NA book. I’m already looking forward to book two!

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