Release Blitz + REVIEW + Giveaway: Sweet Obsession by J. Daniels

Sweet Obsession: friends-to-lovers redefined.

OH. MY. GOSH. Sweet Obsession is just too amazing for words! I mean, I personally thought J. Daniels have already written her best yet but then Mason King and Brooke Wicks came along and shot it all down to hell. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time because ever since I’ve read about Mason in All I Want, I knew—I just freaking knew—I will love that man. What with that freaking Australian accent, Greek God bod and too-handsome-it-hurts face and hot yoga instructor? You mean that?! OMFG, here take my panties—it’s basically useless. And Brooke Wicks? That I-will-wreck-your-penis woman, yeah? Whom I never in a million years thought I’d learn to love? She is one hell of a woman. She loves sex as much as breathing and I believe as much as cupcakes but not enough to give cupcakes up. I love how she’s so confident about it and doesn’t give a damn about wanting sex. You rock, my girl!

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Mason moves out of Alabama to put up his yoga business in Chicago. But I think that’s not all there is to it. If my memory serves me right, he tried to go at it with Tessa but failed since Tessa loves another man. I’m not so sure though. But it’s all good. He’s starting his business and just when he’s about to officially open the studio, there goes the wicked, little devil that is Brooke Wicks trying her moves to get in to his pants. Shamelessly. I don’t blame Brooke though. I would never. Mason is gorgeous and hot and a girl can only take so much. It’s just that this is Brooke we’re talking about. She loves sex so much, right? And sex with Mason is no exception. But sex with Mason isn’t just sex for Mason. For him, feelings should be involved because he doesn’t do senseless fucks now. If anything, it needs depth. Commitment. Communication. Relationship. Waiting. Those things that I definitely agree with.

I am not sure if it’s Mason’s accent or Mason’s persistent and consistent ways of doing things his way that dig Brooke in to try to get around to know Mason first without even having sex with him. And it was phenomenal. It’s real. It’s there. I love seeing a carefree, confident, happy Brooke who doesn’t care if she goes camping even she doesn’t even camp. I love the Brooke who cares so much about the people around her enough to deliver cupcakes herself first thing in the morning and give them things that they do not want at all. (I.e. A stuffed, fluffy toy that Mason hates so much). I love the Brooke who’s afraid to show her feelings because love is a scary thing. But mostly, I love the Brooke who never gives up on and goes after the love she knows she deserves. There’s Mason who’s perfect as fuck with his gentle, sweet, and flithy ways to get Brooke to agree to things. I love that he doesn’t rush things and instead take his sweet and dirty time to get to know Brooke. I love that he’s always there for her. I love that he tries to reveal the Brooke I didn’t know existed in the first place. I’m so glad he’s the one who made her feel safe and secure. Even without the sex yet. I love how ecstatic he is for every bit of progress he gets out of her. I love how he eases her in to the idea of falling in love with him without her even noticing. It’s very sweet and chest-tightening. I really felt his feelings for Brooke. I love that I know what he feels over Brooke. I love how Mason made Brooke feel that.

And when they finally get to it, AHHH MAAAAN IF IT ISN’T HOT AS HELL. Fireworks won’t cut it. J. Daniels has mastered the art of explosive sex even without the contact yet. Yeah, that’s how sizzling those scenes are. That’s all I could say about it. Prepare your spare panties.

J worked her magic well in capturing Mason and Brooke’s feelings, desires and hurt in Sweet Obsession. She has also perfected her craft for that perfect timing of pace, character growth and plot twists. Always the plot twists. If you’ve read her previous books, you’d know what I mean. It’s excellent. It made Sweet Obsession even sweeter and deeper with feelings. And funnier because of our own Joey. Gosh, I love him! Sweet Addiction series won’t be complete without him. J should write a book about him, really. He deserves it.

In the end, I am so happy that J. Daniels exceeded my expectations on Sweet Obsession. Again. When will I ever learn? This is J. Daniels and she is downright amazing; it always hurts to finish reading her books. Sweet Obsession is not an exception.





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