REVIEW + Giveaway: Rumor Has It by Farrah F. Polestico

rumor-has-itAuthor: Farrah F. Polestico
Release Date: November 30, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4/5
Source: ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review
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It’s senior year and it’s now or never. Callie Rivera always wanted to be part of her school’s drama club, and she finally musters the courage to audition for Shakespeare’s classic A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Only she got the audition dates wrong and landed a role that only existed in her wildest dreams. And her co-actor? None other than Landon Arcival, theater actor extraordinaire, not to mention Callie’s (former) crush— or so she says.

Callie is living the dream, until she wakes up to a nightmare. According to the rumor mill, she is sleeping with different guys in her school. Of course, it isn’t true, but who would believe her? And the worst part? It may or may not be her fault the rumors spread in the first place.

What to do? Callie finds herself in the middle of a hot mess. But then Landon proposes the perfect plan that can fix everything, but only if they don’t fall for each other first.

Reading Rumor Has It was like sipping your favorite hot drink, only you got burned at first sip (you idiot, blow it first haha) because that’s your favorite and you couldn’t wait to devour it. Right?! But when you’re already at ease with your drink’s desired temperature, you slowed down and savor each sip because it makes you warm and comfy. You and your hot mug of coffee/tea/chocolate. And your feelings. And your life decisions. LOL. Me and Rumor Has It.

Callie Rivera’s wallflower life was perfect. She blended in the ground. She’s not popular. She loved theater. She’s a normal high school student who’s best friends with Beatrice. (Her only true friend, if I may say so myself.) Until that one day she’s not anymore. Everyone’s attention seemed to be on her because of one rumor that could make or break her life.

Landon Arcival was tagged as Golden Boy by Callie. Popular, gorgeous, smart, and loved to act, too.

I loved the moment when they first met met. But maybe that’s just me because it’s nerdy and it involved books… so, yeah. I loved that on some levels Callie and Landon were at equal footing. They both loved theater acting and were really good at it. And OMG they performed Shakespeare! Anything with Shakespeare is a plus factor for me. Add it up to the fact that I think the author knew about it, too, is a huge deal also! So yay!

What I loved about the story was the fact that Callie still held her head up high even when there’s a lot of shit going on her way because of a freaking rumor. I was so glad that she had that I-won’t-back-down vibe because when you’re in high school, you’d need every ounce of confidence (whether you have it or not) to go through high school bullshit drama. And Landon. OMG, I really thought I had to kill him because well what he did was just foolish. Then poof plot twist! Surprising!! And oh, AAAAAHHHH FEELINGS. Thank you, Farrah!

The story’s really cute even when it’s common, a bit short and the end was kind of predictable. Doesn’t mean though that I didn’t enjoy it. In fact, I so did! Blame it to the fact that it felt like reading that aspect of my high school life and high school crushes and feelings and tears. I am immensely satisfied at the pacing, the sudden turn of events, the prose and everything in it! I just hoped it went longer.

It’s still awesome though. And for a newbie writer, she’s really good. I love the way she writes—it’s not so deep but still beautiful and appropriate. And if you’d ask me if I wanted more from this author, I’d gladly say hellz yes! Can’t wait for her next book!

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