REVIEW: Roman Crazy by Alice Clayton and Nina Bocci

roman-crazyAuthors: Alice Clayton and Nina Bocci
Series: The Broads Abroad #1
Release Date: September 13, 2016
Rating: 3/5
Source: ARC was provided by the publisher through NetGalley.
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A delicious, sexy, laugh-out-loud modern romance about a newly single woman and her journey to find love again, from New York Times bestselling author Alice Clayton and debut author Nina Bocci.

Avery Bardot-Remington spent years playing the buttoned-up, pearl-wearing housewife to her college sweetheart—until her marriage fell apart after her husband’s pants “fell down” with another woman. Now she wants an escape. So when her best friend invites Avery to spend the summer with her in Rome, she can’t pack her bags fast enough.

Imagine her surprise when, on her first night in the Eternal City, she finds herself sitting across from Marcello Bianchi, her college study-abroad fling. Their whirlwind romance begins anew while Avery becomes immersed in the easy Roman lifestyle, rediscovering her love of art history, spending her days in museums and restoration studios, and her evenings with Marcello in her bed.

It’s bliss, until Marcello gets a job offer halfway around the world and asks Avery to go with him. Because she’s just gotten a offer to stay in Rome, and doesn’t want to choose a man over her career again.

A celebration of great friendship, passionate romance, and wonderful food, Roman Crazy is a lighthearted story of second chances and the sacrifices we sometimes need to make to live life to the fullest.

Roman Crazy is a splendid Roman immersion with a hint of second chance romance, getting lost and finding your way back home on your own.

Avery Bardot-Remington was dealt with a very bad hand when she caught her husband banging his secretary. Because of her polished reputation, knowing people will talk alongside her wanting to get a divorce, an escape to the city where her best friend works as an architect couldn’t come at a better time. Only, she’s in for a treat when she saw her ex-fling (the part of her past she couldn’t seem to let go of) hanging out in the same restaurant they were going as her best friend’s colleague. With another woman at his hip. So very cozy. But things are about to get crazy as that past in the person of Marcello Bianchi, swoony Italian architect, came crashing to her life once more.

Reading this book was like taking a trip in Rome. The setting was so perfectly written, culturally rich with most pages littered with beautiful places to go, food to try, museums and art galleries to leave you in awe and activities to immerse yourself in. They were intricately described and I swear I have died just imagining their raw and bustling flawlessness. I fell in love with Rome instantly.

I almost fell in love with the characters as well. There’s Avery, the prim and proper woman who catered her husband’s needs first and foremost before herself. And slightly lost herself in the process. That’s Boston Avery. Rome Avery, however, was quite different. She seemed so vibrant, full of energy. Rome Avery was full of potential with volunteer restoration work and art classes going on for her. Rome Avery as an individual shone through. But add in a delish Italian, Marcello, and Rome Avery was practically beaming in all angles. And while I can figure out Avery, I have no idea what to make of Marcello. He’s smart, yes. He can cook, yes. Maybe this was just me not warmed up to him? I didn’t think he was a strong, developed character. Like nothing was happening in his life. Well, there was at the end. But it wasn’t enough. I was sad that even though Avery and Marcello was gunning for a second chance HEA, it didn’t feel so feels-y. Like they drifted apart and things were never the same again. It felt, in a way… forced.

I liked the appearances of the secondary characters here and there especially Avery’s friends, Daisy and Fiona, Avery’s parents and Marcello’s family. They were quite enjoyable and their sincerity for Avery and Marcello was so heartfelt.

The pacing wasn’t so bad at all in the beginning, the premise was actually very nice. And don’t get me started on the second chance trope. However, I felt like the romance had taken a backseat, less focused on and was overpowered by the setting. I would’ve liked a little build up, more moments together outside the physical desires of both characters (though there were a few, thrice I think?), and less details that would be fine to not be included in the story. It’s more of a self-discovery book set in a magnificent city, falling in love with the place than with a person from the past. More of like a destination book than a romance book in a beautiful place. The story was pretty charming but at some point I started asking where the romance was, when the plot twist was going to happen when I was almost finished and when it did happen I was like—“Woah what? Is that it?”, about the resolution and grand gesture that could’ve been better if they were not felt rushed.

My wanderlust spirit soared high with this book and hopefully yours, too. You will most definitely enjoy this if you want to get a feel of all things Roman with a little romance on the side. While this was just an OK read for me didn’t mean I wasn’t anticipating the next book in the series. Will it be Daisy’s or Fiona’s?

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