Release Blitz + REVIEW + Giveaway: ricochet by allyn lesley

This book is guaranteed to give you that adrenaline rush you feel when you watch suspense films.

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ricochet is a quick but definitely not an easy read thanks to the mystery and suspense that makes it more interesting. The killings were brutal but not the way you’re probably thinking. Just look at it this way: I don’t really read much romance-suspense so to say that it’s brutal was already too much for my taste. But maybe not for yours. And they’re not even written explicitly. But they’re there and it adds up to the suspense feel of the story.

ricochet is about Tony and Cam who came from the same world but not for the same reason. That same world revolved around murder and underground, dirty business. What makes ricochet interesting is that you can’t really tell what’s going to happen next. Who’s going to die next, who’s going to come up next. It’s a constant edgy feeling that will keep you flipping through the next page. And with that ending? Oh. My. Gosh. I didn’t even see it coming! Get ready to be a bit mindfucked!



Giveaway Time!

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