Release Blitz + REVIEW + Giveaway: Good Girl VS. Bad Boy by Jessie Evans

My first Jessie Evans book and I couldn’t put it down! I am so excited for more!

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Good Girl vs. Bad Boy was light, funny and very sexy read about Phoebe Page whose sister just died so she’s back in little town Lover’s Leap to start anew, and Colton Brody an ex-marine who’s trying to get back to service and prove he’s still worth his job after his accident. Did I mention Colton was the hot brother of Phoebe’s best friend, Daisy? Haha yep!

I really love these two characters. Phoebe who’s been a plain Jane all her life until her sister died making her realize life is too short for adventure so she’s deadset to live life to the fullest from then on including a no-strings-attached fling with Colton. She knew Colton from way back when they were still kids, by the way. The same Colton who’s been her crush—all. her. life. And the one and only who’s seen all her embarrassing moments in life. Haha! OMG just thinking about those is making me laugh with tears! *gives Jessie slow claps* It’s just so fortunate that Colton was back in town to recover from his accident and doing a very good job at it and so they kind of reconnected and… more. I never pegged Colton could and would be THAT gentle/sweet/smooth with Phoebe. It’s like his natural thing with her. Everything about them felt natural and at perfect pace… Though Phoebe usually liked it fast. Not that Colton’s complaining. (OMG what?! LOL!) I liked that Colton let Phoebe stand up for him whenever needed and that they were really a good team.

The story was a perfect blend of enough drama and sweetness with a healthy dose of steam (!!!) and laughter, so if you’re into that—get this! I wish there was more of these two though!

Side note: You may be confused with the narration of the story because even when it said it’s Phoebe’s turn, it sounded like a third person and not really her. The same was true with Colton’s. But nothing drastic, really.

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Giveaway Time!

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Coming February 16, 2016!

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