Blog Tour + REVIEW: Porn Star by Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone

porn-starAuthors: Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone
Release Date: March 8, 2016
Rating: 3/5
Source: ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review
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You know me.

Come on, you know you do.

Maybe you pretend you don’t. Maybe you clear your browser history religiously. Maybe you pretend to be aghast whenever someone even mentions the word porn in your presence.

But the truth is that you do know me.

Everybody knows Logan O’Toole, world famous porn star.

Except then Devi Dare pops into my world, and pretty soon I’m doing things that aren’t like me—like texting her with flirty banter and creating an entire web porn series just so I can get to star in her bed. Again. And again.

With Devi, my entire universe shifts, and the more time I spend with her, the more I realize that Logan O’Toole isn’t the guy I thought he was.

So maybe I’m not the guy you thought I was either.

Is the book good?

Short answer: YES.
Long answer: Depends on you, really.

I was iffy at first when I saw this book because being a porn star only means one thing: fucking without feelings. But I went ahead and read it because I expect something special. Something greater than just fucking. Something with feelings, perhaps? And I got it all. Somehow at least.

Porn Star is about Logan O’Toole, known and expert at his craft—even filming it. He loves his job (and who wouldn’t really? It’s like the dream job of all men.) so much and he’s very good at it. He owns/manages his own porn company, too. And while everything seems to be working out for this guy, he’s broken on the inside. Because of a girl. Raven. Who’s a porn star, too. Yep, they were in-real-life couple until they weren’t anymore. And then there’s Devi who’s also a porn star but only does F/F. Lines get blurred. Old wounds resurface. Hearts get hurt. Sacrifice has to be done.

First of all, Logan is so not an d-bag or an a-hole. In fact, he’s charming, fun and yes, fucks like a real porn star that he is. Also very professional. I guess that’s where I lost my interest in him?

Devi. I love Devi! Despite being a porn star who only does F/F because of personal trust issues, incredible, intelligent and believer of astrology or anything that involves stars, constellations, Universe. She knows a lot of things. The girl is just so so much more! Like positivity and sunshine but she’s not perfect. In fact, she’s struggling, too, but she doesn’t let that negative energy linger. And I love that she’s a strong woman to keep her heart out when she’s being filmed. Until she had to do a project with Logan and Raven.

Laurelin and Simone have written the book in a real porn star-lifestyle fashion. It’s loaded with so much sex (hey do you expect anything less?), fun banter, emotions and a little bit of heartache.

I like that the authors maintained the personality of the MC and its LI until the end of the book. They both have opposing characteristics which made them conflicting and yet, interesting. But my issue was really towards Logan. He kept on wanting to fuck different women because that’s his job and he loved it so much that he clearly couldn’t give it up for the one he loved. And that bothered me the most. His struggle for monogamy.

I admit being uncomfortable to some scenes because it was not the usual monogamy sex I prefer to read in my books. But it had to be done to stay true to the plot, to the title. And it did. And the authors didn’t sugarcoat anything on the business side of its industry and how it could be pretty and ugly all at once, how it could be appealing and not as enticing for others.

Overall, I think I’m pretty fine with how it ended. Devi totally deserved that HEA with/without Logan.

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