REVIEW: Pollyanna and the Greek Billionaire Trilogy by Marian Tee

A review or a rant? Be the judge. Haha!

Warning: This post includes heavy cussing in all caps, death threats to the author, maybe some spoilers and overall screamfest.

Just so you know, though, these trilogy would probably leave you like these so proceed with caution:



This book is just so frustrating; I hate it so much. The moment it started with Kyrillos Gazis getting to it with his childhood everything, Ana, I knew I wasn’t going to like her. Duh, of course, I shouldn’t like her, she’s not Pollyanna. I don’t get why Marian would think that just because Ana sounded like Pollyanna, it would mean her readers would thought about it as Pollyanna? No, Marian, your argument is invalid; I didn’t get your logic on that. But added to the fact that Kyr loved her so much but she still ended up leaving him had me wanting to strangle her and maybe drown her in the deepest level of Teleios waters. My heart broke for Kyr because that selfish decision of Ana made him question everything—including his worth. And that just sucked so bad.

But enter this cheerful, simple and kind girl Pollyanna Graham who was only at the island to spend her summer vacation. I love how things started, all calm and collected. I like Polly. She’s charming, spirited, creative (and so fucking dumb. Okay the last one might not be so much likable.) She met Kyr under the most unfavorable circumstances. And from there, she assumed everything’s going to be sunshine and rainbows with her kindness and innocence. And oh how I wanted to shake some sense into her! Like it didn’t matter at all that Kyr was almost the age of a grandpa (okay, I’m exaggerating) while Polly was only 18! God, what is it with Marian and her penchant for having characters with hugeass age gaps?! I deserve an explanation on this! Of course, having said that—Kyr knew the rules of the game while Polly was stuck with her naivety. And it just hurt so much because I felt Polly was just being freaking used by someone like Kyr to make the time pass, to be his distraction. I couldn’t really fault Kyr though, he just loved the wrong girl at the wrong time.


Even when he vowed to make Polly happy without giving her his heart (how the fuck could you do that?!), it wasn’t just enough. I just wished Polly wasn’t the one in there to suffer with the consequences for his actions. And when he did the only thing that he thought could make Polly stay, I cried. Kyr made it so freaking cheap that I knew I was going to hate him forever.


Kyrillos Gazis, FUCK. YOU. With a passion man! I knew you still loved your Ana because you were together for almost a decade and she just threw those years away because of her freaking dreams. Did you really believe she love you?! She. Did. Not! And to know that after all these fucking years, you still fucking love her?! After everything’s been said and done?! Come. Fucking. On. How could you be such an idiot?! Fucking wake up, man! She never did! And you had four freaking years to move the fuck on to realize she wasn’t it for you. But you really had to fuck things up with Polly, right? Innocent, kind, young, so perfect, so not someone you deserve Polly. You just have to ignore her because apparently, Ana took your useless heart with her and now you’re thinking with just your dick. But did you really think you haven’t had enough red flags to stay the fuck away with Polly?! My. God. You are such an asshole, Kyr. You should’ve just let her go because she doesn’t deserve someone who’s as hangup on his past as you. You didn’t even tell her the whole true story behind everything! She would fucking understand, Kyr! She would! Because that’s how she fucking loved you already! That’s how easy it was for Polly! Because you were special already and she’s been very honest about things! But you did what?! You even fucked her on your ex’s bed! Without her knowing that! That first night you couldn’t even make it special?! WHAT THE FUUUUUCK!!! How could you even live with yourself?! You are so. Fucking. Disgusting!


And Pollyanna Graham, you are so full of shit! How could you believe someone like Kyrillos Gazis? He’s a fucking stranger, for crying out loud! Didn’t your parents/teachers in high school warn you about how the world is so full of them now?! I could fucking slap your pretty face right this moment.

Marian, you’re very lucky you don’t live anywhere near my neighborhood because I’m so gonna fucking grab you by the hair to explain the sorcery you poured in to this frustrating book!


Part 2 started with Kyr and Polly being married and to actually expect an HEA (hey, doesn’t that what happen after you get hitched? You get your HEA?) was understatement. What with Kyr still the hangup little shit who can’t fucking let go of his past that’s why every time Polly said I love you, he would just shut the fuck up like a deaf fucktard? Yes, absolutely. Even with having the twins first, then Leo then Annalisa, he. Still. Couldn’t. Say. It. Back. I’m not really sure if that’s how it is for married couples—you get married (even if the love was one-sided), you fuck to have kids, and then you fuck up after having them. Because surely, that’s pretty much what happened to Kyr and Polly. I agree, Marian still does the hottest of scenes like a champ. And that’s how the sex should be even after being married and having children.

I love how the kids bring the other side of both parents. Like when the twins was born, I saw a fatherly Kyr. I just wished Marian gave Kyr a hard time with the kids. Like perhaps, how he would stay up late because the other twin won’t call it a night, and then he would talk to him like a shithead (just so I have something to laugh about—hahaha), or how Kyr failed at preparing milk for them and at changing diapers? How Kyr would bribe with a billion dollar check each so the twins would shut up already and let them sleep? Or how about where the kids do their duties and be the most adorable cockblockers of all time? I’d have loved to see Kyr’s reaction on that! HAHA! Or how Dio and Leo would piss on their dad—straight in the face, hahahaha—while he’s changing their diapers? I’m imagining it and all I could think of right now was how I’d probably laugh my eyes out of that scene! Those kind of moments because I honestly think, Marian deprived us of it all. But there were still laughable moments with the parents and the kids. Still, there could have been more to this. (Why didn’t you let me beta-read this one, again, Marian??)

The conception of the third kid (Leo) was pretty much uneventful but it paved way to the conception of the fourth. It’s just so heartbreaking that Kyr couldn’t see pass the insecurities behind his wife who had only a high school diploma to brag about (was that even brag-worthy?), when she asked him if she could go to New York for work, because almost all of the mothers of the twins’ classmates were career women. With that, Kyr was clearly STILL blinded by what his ex did to him. Bitch Ana did a great number on Kyr that he thought Polly was just like Ana! (How dare you, Kyr?!) I understand perfectly well why Polly wanted to do that. It’s like everything happened too fast, that even when she had the kids and the billionaire, that’s the only thing that defined her. Don’t read that chapter, it has a shortcut to everything painful.

So to figure out that motherfucker Kyr still wanted slut Ana back in his life when she suddenly showed her ugly self up on the day of their anniversary even after four beautiful children (Dio, Ella, Leo, Annalisa) and eight fucking years of marriage with Polly is so freaking beyond me! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I swear I’m ready to commit murder with this bastard. SO. FUCKING. DUMB!


And of course, Marian being her sadistic self had to make Ana’s appearance the day of their anniversary. Very well, Marian, I could fucking kill you, too.

By the end of the book, I was so ready to scream fire the fuck out of my voice right in Kyr’s face! Because him thinking he could only have this married life + children with only Ana and not with Polly? WHAT A GODDAMN IDIOT! God help me.

Which brings me to the conclusion: MARRIAGE DOESN’T SOLVE ANYTHING. It’s not the solution/answer to any fucking thing.

I know my heart has been shot to bits for Polly because of what happened. And I don’t know, I might not recover from that even when I read the last book.


Once again, not only Marian could whip something this out of this world but she also revealed how she could have her readers by the neck to love this ugly, epic story.

Pollyanna and the Greek Billionaire 3—WHAT. THE. FUUUUUUUCK. I don’t even know how to start! How about I say that this book pretty much ruined my entire life? And am not so sure if that’s even a good one. You know how much a fan I am of Marian’s books, right? But this one? It killed me. When I saw the warning from Marian’s ARC email that this last book would make me cry, I already expected another serious cryfest but what I wasn’t prepared for was how I would fucking scream in pain, wail like a baby the entire freaking time! (You couldn’t have just warned us that you’d pretty much have your reviewers die a slow death while reading this, Marian? Seriously?!) With every freaking word, every little thing, every turn, chapter by chapter, I couldn’t remember a time when I did not cry. (You happy now, Marian?!) Let’s do a quick comparison on how devastating this book has been. You cried a river over Me Before You? You will cry a fucking ocean over Polly and Kyr! That’s how ugly this book was. Every fucking chapter, I had to catch my breath, blow my nose, drink water, cry harder before proceeding only to hit with even more ugly emotions.


This final book picked up right after that WTF-have-you-done-Kyr moment where I felt every damn feeling Polly’s probably feeling and so much more. (I wish I didn’t invest so much feels on this, really.) This book was where all the things that Kyr kept to his very own wife came crashing down hard on her and for a moment, I thought Polly would’ve probably just died at the intensity of it all. But then Polly being one of the fucking excellent mothers I’ve ever come across to reading—if not the one—she picked herself up and slowly but surely realized her dream of being a mom + a successful business woman. Of course, that’s with a little help from her jackass of a husband. But thankfully, he has no connections with her clients whatsoever.

I was so glad that Polly gave Kyr a hard time grovelling his way to forgiving him. Doesn’t mean though that it was pretty to watch. It was a good thing that Kyr had me laughing at his version of SnapChat and how being cheated on hurt him so much all the same. (Did you get it now, fucker?)

And now, Polly was being subjected to a confrontation with The Swan and I—GOD, COULD I JUST FUCKING KILL THIS JENNER?! Marian just have the gall to do just that, right?! Fucking woman! So fucking crazy! Not my favorite moment since I knew Polly’s defences were slowly coming down and it wasn’t a good thing.

I never thought I would come close to loving and hating Kyr at the same time because I knew I did the moment I read those lines. (Mariaaaaaaaaaaaan, aaaaahhhhhh why the fuck are you doing this to me?!) It. Was. Just. So. Fucking. Painful!


“I don’t know if I deserve this.” – Kyr

Of course you don’t deserve a fucking thing, Gazis! You’re just so lucky that Polly loves you so much and sees past all your mistakes. Because if I were her, I’d have just thrown you out of my life and let your ass rot in hell. Bahala ka sa buhay mo! But, am not her, so you’re pretty safe there.

From that so fucking exhausting ten(!) chapters, I was so glad that everybody got their well-deserved HEAs and so much more! Like… *whispers* kinky fuckery… and bingo. Now whenever I’d hear that word, that game, all I would be thinking about was how fucking filthy Kyr had been to Polly. Amazing memory, though. Haha!

So, we had a glimpse on how Marian can do a married with babies trope and it was so freaking awful. She just had to live up to her #TEErSyndrome (thanks girl!) and break hearts with her books, right?

But it was beautiful. Beautiful in a way that Marian showed the ugly side of marriage and the ugly truth that comes with it—not always smiles and hugs and kisses and sex, no. And she did not sugarcoat a thing. You’ll have all these devastating, frustrating things (insecurities included) about marriage in all its ugly glory that you’d question the author if she’s undergone through that herself. (LOL, sorry… not sorry about that Marian.) And maybe even question yourself if you still want to get hitched. (But I hope that didn’t go through your head.) She perfected the shortcut to my tear ducts while slowly pointing out that even the best fall down sometimes. And the best of things (like true love) deserve second chance. Like it always will, right?

Congratulations, Marian, for breaking the record of the ugliest cry reads that I had to endure. For basically kicking Me Before You to the gutter and replace it Polly and Kyr’s highness. Bravo! BRAVO!

(Translation: I still fucking hate you for making damn cry the entire time reading the last book.)

Huh? You’re still here? Okay I’ve got some bonus scenes, (well not really scenes—hahaha) to tide you over and maybe even enjoy(?) while I’m trying my hardest to convince Marian to give us a follow-up Christmas novella with the Gazis family. (Would you want that? Yes? Please, go tell Marian!) And while you’re at it, get your ninja skillz on because I might have something for you there, too, if you haven’t read these books yet!

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