#romanceclass Podcast 3: Blast From Two Pasts by Kristel S. Villar

I’ve heard/read my fair share of audiobooks by international authors narrated by men and women with sexy voices and honestly, they were all pretty good! But nothing—I mean nothing—has prepared me when I heard theater actors Rachel Coates (!!!) and Gio (Sergio for me—yeah, shut up) Gahol (!!!!) reading romance novels written by Filipino authors! To say that I love reading their books is an understatement but hearing them read by Rachel and Sergio? Might as well faint right there and then! I’m going to say this thing one more time because I’m so proud of this amazing project and it just solidifies my belief that Filipino authors can: Sebastian Y0rk, who?!

To Mina and Tania for coming up with this awesome experiment, AAAAHHHHH!!! I could kiss your feet right now. But I won’t haha! So I’m just going to give you both huge hugs the next time I see you.

Episode 3’s excerpt is from Blast From Two Pasts by Kristel S. Villar. I loooove this episode so much!!! I read the book before and I loved it (I haven’t reviewed it yet but I will) and hearing this particular scene made me want to squee in delight because Lucas and Cara is one of my favorite couples from Filipino authors. What made it even more perfect (yeah I know okay) and sweeten the deal was the fact that Rachel and Sergio’s reading was SO. ON. POINT! I couldn’t imagine it being read by anyone else except Rachel and Sergio. Everything. I mean literally everything about this episode is so freaking perfect—the setting, the feelings of Cara and Lucas, the delivery of Rachel and Sergio to give even more feels to Cara and Lucas. OMG!!! Two thumbs up!!! It’s my favorite episode so far. And if this #romanceclass podcast keeps on getting better each time? My. Gosh. I couldn’t wish for more! Oh wait—I could! And it’s that I wish there’d be more of this after season 1.

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