Blog Tour + REVIEW: Peyton Riley by Bianca Mori

Peyton Riley is the second book of the Takedown trilogy by Bianca Mori. Since In Too Deep, I was patiently waiting for the next book to release because I couldn’t handle being in the dark after that ending. I knew I wanted more because even when it’s not 100% romance, it still got me hooked! Thanks to my James-Bond, Taken, RED film addiction, I super enjoyed books like these!

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Peyton Riley picks up right where In Too Deep ended and where it was revealed that Mary Shaw was not who I thought she really was. This book also uncovered what Peyton’s job really was and how she was very good at it. And wow girl, that job was amazeballz!!

I love Peyton. She’s fierce, strong and professional. But I think there’s some vulnerability behind the mask she’s wearing. And then there’s Carson, who couldn’t seem to get enough of Peyton. I think I like him. Not just because he’s that guy who always comes after his LI but also because he’s mysterious. I think there’s more to him than just being an artist. Hmm. I think I’d love to have some Carson POV in the next book.

Reading this one was like I was watching another Taken movie. It’s beautifully action-packed to the point where I felt nervous about Peyton and Carson being caught because they had to do a takedown job together. And just when I thought everything’s going to be fine already, aahhhh! There went another mindfuck-level kind of twist that I wasn’t really expecting! It’s fast-paced, suspenseful and had me at the edge of my bed the whole time. Bianca’s writing helped a lot to keep me captivated with this book. It’s like she has multiple switches where she can be a contemporary writer one minute, and turn into a classical the next. It’s amazing! I love it!

And now with that ending… OMG! I need the third book now. Right now!

And from a woman who likes her fiction books romantic and sexy, I never really thought I’d love to read the romantic thriller types. Just enough steam and a whole lot of action. It surprised even myself. Good job at that, Bianca!


“Gustave!” Carson cried as the older man lunged.

He gripped her arms, bound to the chair, with such force that she yelped in pain. “You caused my sister’s death, you witch!” he screamed in her face. “Was it worth stopping the acquisition that a poor woman had to lose her life?”

“I—I didn’t mean for her to die!” she yelled back, the panic that she’d been mastering surging through her body, a lunatic tide, burning and acidic. “I’ve never—in all my time—no one’s ever been hurt—”

“Ha!” Gustave cried, and then he laughed maniacally. “‘No one’s ever been hurt’? Do you truly believe that, cheri? That when you destroy a person’s livelihood, they are not ever hurt?”

They stared back at each other—she watching every flicker of muscle in his face for an approaching strike, he as though at something unpleasant stuck under his shoe. The revulsion in his face was clear. “Nagore may have been the first woman who’s life you ended, but you have killed others before, oh yes, cheri, scores of them—killed their worth, killed their estimation, killed them in their minds so they walk among us like zombies—and you have done it all, Mademoiselle. You have blood on your hands!”

“What do you want from me?” she cried.

He gripped her arms again and shook her. “You owe me my sister’s life!”

“I cannot bring her back!”

“Then you are in my debt!” He stood and appraised her, a dead calm stealing over his face as he looked her up and down. “Oh yes, dearest. You are in my debt.”



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This blog tour is hosted by Bookish Diaries Book Tours.

This blog tour is hosted by Bookish Diaries Book Tours.

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