REVIEW: Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan

WOW. No doubt one of my top reads this year!!


Do not read my review anymore because I might just babble here and make no sense at all. I’m pretty sure my thoughts (because they’re all over the place) are so incoherent right now so forgive me but trust me when I say this book will captivate you in the best way possible. And we all want that right? So give yourself a favor, 1-click this book and breathe in through your nose and exhale slowly because you’d be needing that. If you haven’t read anything from Harper Sloan yet, this is the perfect time to do so. You will not regret it. If you don’t get this, THAT’s what you’ll regret.

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Perfectly Imperfect was soooo much more than I expected it to be. I was beyond thrilled I was granted an ARC of Harper Sloan’s latest because I knew from the very start that I would love it. I am still in awe at how perfect it is because really, it’s a far cry from Harper’s previous releases. I couldn’t even grasp how lucky I was to have the opportunity to read it before it was even released, because it was like a blessing to me. (Who would have thought, right?) What I wasn’t prepared for though was the fact that Perfectly Imperfect would mean THIS much to me as it did to the author herself. I mean, yeah, she mentioned it was a book so personal to her and I didn’t doubt that but maaaan I am ready to gift this book to anyone I know in the reading community if I have enough money to do that. But I don’t so that kind of sucks.

My point is—Perfectly Imperfect was freaking powerful, overall magnificent, flat out perfect. It will pull you in, suck you whole and steal your breath and even make your chest hurt because of the gripping emotions seeping through each page. You will cry with Willow. You will cheer for Willow. You will battle with Willow. You will love Willow’s strength and journey with Kane. By the end of the book, I’m pretty sure you’d love yourself even more. That is if you already do—but if not, leave it to Perfectly Imperfect to conveyed to you that solid hope and courage you have within yourself to move forward with your head up high that’s the very heart of this book.

Harper breathed characters who aren’t just characters for me. I felt like they were real, breathing people who once were broken by their past but their brokenness just made them even more real, more human. She brought Willow and Kane to life and I couldn’t imagine how she’s done it but she did and it was so damn wonderful I couldn’t believe it myself. My heart ached for Willow and what she’s gone through when the only person who loved her the most left her alone to the claws of the family she never feels like she’s belong to. But it’s not like she had a choice. Until that one moment she knew that she had. From there I saw a mentally and emotionally bruised Willow slowly coming to terms with herself that she’s so, so much more than what people told her she was. It was like watching the sun rising to the horizon and slowly bringing in so much light to the world, it will blind you. It’s beautiful. *wipes tears*

And let’s not even begin with how disgustingly perfect Kane Masters was. GAAAAD. *wipes drool* I want to meet this man in real life. What I’d give just to meet/find someone like him. He’s a hotshot Hollywood actor, by the way, so you probably know what I was talking about. All that hotness, glamor and stuff. But behind all that was the man of his word, true to his intentions and overall swoon-worthy kind of guy. The Yin to Willow’s Yang. Actually, I might puke with disgust because Kane and Willow? PLEASE. Do I say the word again? Ahhhhh!!! FINE! They’re freaking perfect together! Okay?! For most part I know it’s because of Kane but the latter part of the book, I am speechless with wonder because Willow. Tate. O.M.G. That strong woman came out of her cage! FINALLY! I feel like I need to fistbump her or something. Or fire some fireworks because she freaking owned that moment from then on!

Nothing could have ever prepared me for the enormity of emotions I felt for this book. It crushed my heart and fixed it at the same time, made me cry my heart out with Willow and Kane, made me LOL like an idiot (because Kane and Willow sexting was freaking hilarious!), made me hate the people who deserved to be hated (damn you Ivy and Dominic and Brad), made me want to hug Cam tight because I like his ideas and the fact that he reads romance novels (HAHA), made me love Kane so much it hurts (MY. GOSH. KANE MASTERS. SON OF A GUY.) I swear, this book? Built to freaking perfection. It was like gold. Heated under the highest of temperatures to achieve its glorious state of flawlessness.

Perfectly Imperfect was crafted beautifully from the twists and turns down to the very tiny detail; it was like Harper poured her soul in the very core of this book. It will hold a special spot in your heart and stay there for the rest of your life. THAT’s how strong this book is. The message it wanted to deliver to readers was loud and clear and I hope you’re prepared for one of your best reads this year, if not all-time. Trust me.


Harper, if you’re reading this, I am very much like Willow (only I am skinny thin) and this book made me see the ugly things I refuse to acknowledge in another perspective making it something more. Something amazing. Something worth it. Something I know shouldn’t have held me back because I should know better. And I know better now. So thank you because a huge part of it includes you and Willow.

On the lighter side of things, CAN I HUG YOU?! Oh my gosh I wish I could transport to where you are right now just to give you a tight, long, big, fat embrace for making such outstanding masterpiece! You deserve a standing ovation for this and more! I couldn’t thank you enough for being brave that you are for pushing through to write this one first before your current WIP. I bet Willow and Kane wouldn’t shut up about you needing to write their story already.

I hope you know how much I cried and laughed and went beyond crazy at how perfect your new baby is. Thank you for standing up for Willow’s story. Thank you for creating her with every inch of you. Thank you for making her imperfect. Thank you for just being you in this story. You never know how much this book means to me. I love you and Willow and Kane and the whole crew that makes Perfectly Imperfect insanely perfect as it should be.

P.S. Any chance of me having a personally signed paperback copy? Please? I want it so much.
P. P. P. S. #iAmWillow


Gosh, you’re still reading up to this point? Thank you! Now go get your reward! Claim this eBook right now on Amazon with the code: [CODE DELETED BECAUSE CLAIMED ALREADY] before someone else gets it. You’re welcome and I hope you enjoy!

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