Release Blitz + REVIEW + Giveaway: Play Dirty by L.P. Maxa

This was my first L.P. Maxa book and I am so glad it didn’t disappoint! I wasn’t expecting anything so imagine my surprise when I found it very heartwarming, deep and so funny.

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Play Dirty kept me clicking through my Kindle because I couldn’t wait what happened next to Smith and Dylan. Smith was The Devil’s Share bassist while Dylan was the kind of medical assistant to Lexi (who’s preggerz with Dash’s (The Devil’s Share vocalist) kid).

Even from the beginning, the chemistry between Smith and Dylan was effortless. It was always there. It was like they were both a ticking bomb waiting to explode and when it did, it was amazing. Even when they were opposing poles. I didn’t have any hard time connecting with the two characters who were broken in their own ways from way back. If anything, their brokenness made me even more connected with them. But the journey to their HEA wasn’t easy. There were struggles, groupies, scandals and the dirt that came from being a famous rock band. But you know what I really love about Smith and Dylan’s story? The way that both characters choose to hold on to each other despite everything bad that’s happening around them. So much feels. It’s amazing; it makes my chest hurt. The steamy scenes were absolutely hot, too! I mean—wow! Well what would you expect from a rockstar book, right?

It was also nice to have a glimpse of the other Devil’s Share members. They were pretty hilarious, cocky and awesome, too! Well, just like Smith. Haha! Side note: I hate Smith’s father with all my heart.

Overall, I don’t think this will be the last L.P. Maxa book that I’ll read because Play Dirty was everything I didn’t know I’d like. It was so sexy, funny but emotional, deep, and suspenseful at the same time. L.P. Maxa blended humor and angst well in this book. Total package for a 5-star book on my list!






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  • Number one: thank you for that amazing review!!! I couldn’t stop smiling while I was reading it!
    Number two: thank you for participating in RELEASE DAY!! (I treat it much like my birthday)
    Love, LP

  • Ang

    I am with you!! LP Maxa is everything that I didn’t know I loved! She has fast become my favorite author and I have marathoned though all of her books since reading the first Devil’s Share. I am so happy Smith’s story is finally out. They way Maxa brings you into his darkness gives me chills. I start to think about what I would do in Dylan’s situation, then next page she’s done exactly what I would have! I didn’t think I could like Smith and Dylan more than I like Dash and Lex, but I TOTALLY do. LP, we need more, I sure hope you’re working on the next book!!