ARC Review: No Second Chances by Kate Evangelista

Series: Dodge Cove #3
Release Date: May 16, 2017
Rating: 3/5
I volunteered to review an ARC
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Natasha was DEVASTATED when Jackson, her first love, disappeared without a word only to pop up months later as a famous DJ. But now she’s over it over him! and ready to move on with her life! Isn’t she?

Jackson thought he was leaving Dodge Cove behind forever when he set off to LA to start his career as a DJ. But the one thing he had never been able to leave behind was the memory of his first love, Natasha, and now that he’s proven his success, he coming home to win her back…

Get ready to stop time, defy gravity and bring down the stars in this final book in Kate Evangelista’s Dodge Cove Trilogy!

For someone who has just read a Kate Evangelista book, I’d say my first time was okay. This book is the third in a series with characters from previous books, living in the same place–Dodge Cove, and is a standalone. There were things though that may have been clearer to me had I read the first two books but it’s not something that really bothered me.

Jackson “DJ Ax” Mallory’s been living the life DJ-ing his way to the world post-Dodge Cove. It’s his dream to make music after all and being so young, he had to give up the one thing that brings life to his music–Natasha Parker. He knew he broke her heart when he left but he never really comprehended how miserable, broken she had been. One encounter in Amsterdam turned his whole world upside down and made him realized two things: she didn’t want a second chance with him anymore and he’s determined to win her back whatever the cost.

Jackson and Natasha have already established their chemistry from the first few pages of the book. They’re childhood sweethearts so the book was peppered with a lot of cutesy memories of them together. I am so glad it’s not done in flashbacks but more like they’re reminiscing what they did in the now. Both characters’ feelings for each other were heartfelt–even the hurt, the frustration, the confusion. The narrative and pacing of the story helped to make the emotions pop.

Jax is a successful DJ now and despite that, he still felt lost because he doesn’t have the love of his life. He knew he wanted Tash back even when all of Dodge Cove people were mad at him for what he did. The thing I liked about Jax was his drive to make Tash forgive him, maybe even love him again and all the ways that he did to do just that (which were all very unique, by the way).

While Tash is a character I didn’t really connect with that much, she’s kindhearted, compassionate with people around her and not the prima donna type of girl despite her elite status. She wasn’t herself when Jax left her. After a year of trying to heal the wound of the past, Jax is back and she still hated him. That feeling still resurfaced even when Jax did his best job on doing a few grand gestures. I understood why she still had doubts and why she needed a more concrete reason to justify his intentions.

The story was predictable and cliche but I liked the creativity of the grand gestures and the way it was written. I think I would’ve liked it even better if both characters had an in-depth conversation about their relationship. Like a mature talk, perhaps? It was like it’s only on the surface and not explored well.

There was also a scene by the end where Tash attended a party in a maxi dress and then the people carried her, passed her on to get to the stage to see Jax. And I was like… woah girl??? Um… you’re wearing a maxi dress???

Quoting from the book:

Yet she found herself dressing up anyway, choosing a maxidress and flats and braiding her hair.


Sleeveless guy shared a look with Dreadlocks, and they both grinned. In one heave, they hoisted Natasha onto their shoulders. She squeaked in surprise.

“What are you doing?” she asked breathlessly. “Put me down!”

“Pass her forward,” someone shouted from below her.

As if on cue, a multitude of hands supported her weight.

Overall, I think it’s a fun book and others may enjoy reading this more than I did.

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