My Most Read Authors According to Goodreads: 11th Placers [1 of 2]

Goodreads says I’ve binge-read on these authors and I cannot deny it. 8 authors are currently seating at the 11th place and I’m here to share the first four of them with their books that I’ve read. I’ve also picked out my fave book from each.

Melissa Foster

I’ve read River of Love [5 stars], Touched by Love [5 stars], Bad Boys After Dark: Mick [3 stars], Catching Cassidy [4 stars], Chased by Love [3 stars], and Crushing on Love [5 stars].

*blind MC*

Emma Hart

Her old books are a hit to me! I’ve read Call Duology series (2 full-lengths, 1 novella) [4.3 stars], Wild series [1 prequel, 2 full-lengths) [3.3 stars], Dirty Secret [4 stars], Being Brooke [2 stars].

*MC is a call girl*

Samanthe Beck

Red, hot reads from this author! I’ve read Private Practice [4 stars], Falling for the Enemy [5 stars], Light Her Fire [4 stars], Falling for the Marine [4 stars], Emergency Delivery [4 stars], Hard Compromise [4 stars].

*MC is running for mayoral position*

Corinne Michaels

Ahhh Corinne, one of my fave military rom authors! Figures since she’s a Navy wife. I’ve read Beloved [4 stars] and Beholden [5 stars] from The Belonging Duet, Consolation [5 stars] and Conviction [5 stars] from The Consolation Duet, Defenseless [5 stars].

*MC is CIA agent*

Check back tomorrow for the last four 11th placers!

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