#MoreLoveInPH: The Experience

The last weekend of my birth month has been so interesting, thanks to Romance Writers of the Philippines for hosting #MoreLoveinPH—the first ever multi-author bash which was attended by authors and readers alike on Facebook! You might think it’s a lame party because who does that right? But in this digital age, having an event even online is cool! It’s the only way we can gather at a common ground and talk about books, hot men and happy things because we’re all over the country (or was it all over the world?)

Every hour there’s an author who took over the event and everyone was just so amazing, friendly and participative! There was even a point where my Facebook notifications exploded since a lot of people were commenting to every post. Not that I’m complaining! The authors outdone themselves when they threw giveaways here and there, and when they offered their books for free for everyone who commented to read in their phones or e-reader! (God bless you, authors!) I never really thought I’d have a lot of fun hanging out there! I met a lot of new friends, new authors, and talked to the ones I already knew from Twitter. And the only question that I asked myself during the event was: Why are we having a party like this just now?! Why? WHY?

And the cherry on top? I got to bag a paperback bundle (Spark Books version) from one of my favorite authors out there, Mina V. Esguerra, for commenting about dating five-years-younger-than-me men, stamina and a certain surface-less activity! That was hilarious but I was speaking the truth! Haha!

(Oh look, the one with Spotlight New Adult written on top was the first/indie version (if I’m not mistaken) of The Harder We Fall that I bought from Mina herself which she signed during MIBF last year!)

Thank you, authors, for doing what you do! And you, too, RWP people for being incredible! Let’s do this again soon?

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