My #MIBF2015 in Numbers

This year’s Manila International Book Fair experience is i-n-s-a-n-e! And I mean that in a OMG THIS IS CRAZY! I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY kind of insane. Definitely better than the last one and I hope it keeps on getting better with each time.

I don’t want this to be boring so instead of the usual narrative and ramblings of a 20-something book lover, here’s a recap of what went down this bookish weekend! My favorite weekend so far!

@seasuras - @faultines - @formerlys

@seasuras – @faultines – @formerlys

1 freebie (a book, of course!) from Kate Evangelista because we found her roaming around the area!

2 books under my wishlist were finally mine! Yes, I’m referring to Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling and Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet, Lang Leav’s boyfriend. I was looking for DPT like everywhere in that booth and found nothing! His book sells like hotcakes! I don’t blame the readers for that though. Michael and Lang is relationship goals with all their I-wrote-this-because-or-for-you couple thing. I already gave up since the staff already told me it got sold out on the first day of the fair. But such luck, I found a misplaced copy at the top of the poetry shelf with its spine facing away from me. It was really accidental! I was just picking up books that might interest me and when I looked at the cover, I internally screamed because I couldn’t believe my freaking eyes! It’s DPT! It’s finally mine! Last copy, I believe!

2 authors decided to help me hold a giveaway of their books by giving me complimentary copies/paying for the books. You have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you, Chris and Agay!

ctc20153 international bestselling authors I met during their book signing event. And it was so surreal! A dream come true for a fangirl like me! I lined up at freaking 3 in the morning for this! CRAZY RIGHT. But it’s worth it since I met new friends and these three authors! Christine Brae was the sweetest, Tarryn Fisher was the most badass, and Colleen Hoover was amazing!

3 books from local authors that I gave away to Christine, Tarryn and Colleen. Christine picked Save the Cake by Stella Torres, Tarryn chose Once Upon a Player by Agay Llanera and I gave Colleen Nicholas—I mean The Harder We Fall by Mina Esguerra. I hope they enjoy reading them!

local20154 local authors I met and have them signed my books! Dawn Lanuza (in blue-white dress) author of The Boyfriend Backtrack, Bianca Mori (in orange) author of Tame the Kitten, Kate Evangelista (redhead) author of Savor. Not pictured is Camilla Sisco author of Submission Moves, who politely requested me not to take a photo with her for personal reasons—which I completely understood. She’s so pretty, by the way!



4 newfound friends because of the CTC book signing event. With just a matter of minutes, we fell into that comfortable bond because of our common love for reading books. That’s the thing about book signing—you are never alone. And not a single awkward moment. You just get it. Each one gets it. I’m so glad I met them. Thanks girls!

P11903289 books I bought all written by Filipino authors published by Anvil and Visprint! I’m very solid about supporting romance books by Filipino writers that I chose to purchase another set (yep another 9 books) for the giveaway I’m planning to hold.

P119033016 books all for myself. I’m very sorry for my wallet and my back and arms and shoulders but I am happy so I don’t care at all. Haha!

17 signed books. I’ll be hosting a giveaway soon and two winners will get a chance to bring home a few!

60 seconds of having to chat with my former crush (AKA best guy I never had—LOL yeah) since he saw me first. I wasn’t even sure if he’s going because we don’t communicate anymore. But when he told me he thought of me going to the event made my heart beat like I just ran a freaking marathon.

Even when my wallet is so dead right now (and I still want more books to buy), my heart feels so full! I wasn’t able to visit some booths that I was planning to because I couldn’t take home any more books. To be honest, my whole body needs a freaking massage right about now. But nevertheless, it’s an awesome experience and I can’t wait to start reading (and maybe review) my MIBF haul!

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  • Still a bit envious you got to pick up that MF book! That could have been me.. if I was more observant in that damn shelf. I was one book away from finding that book. Tough luck, haha! Well, I’ll get my copy eventually.. Hopefully he comes here, too.

    Now I’m inspired to write my own post about this event.. busiest and most expensive one I’ve been to yet. :)