Release Blitz + REVIEW + Giveaway: Mutually Exclusive by Charlotte Winston

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In Mutually Exclusive by Charlotte Winston, Alexandra Kane is a no nonsense lawyer who’s making it her ultimate goal to make partner. Of course as a lawyer, she needs everything done discreetly. Everything including her sex life or lack thereof. Because of this, she sought the service of a certain sex club, Club Valentine. Club Valentine is famous for its exclusivity and anonymity to protect its patrons. And this where Alexandra requested Club Valentine’s sole owner to cater her needs: Roman Valentine—mysterious, cocky, gorgeous and damn hot guy who’s not going to apologize that he owns a successful sex club. But you know how stuff happens, things get messy, feelings get involved, hearts get broken, lies get revealed. Only it doesn’t just end there.

Mutually Exclusive is a book that will make you all hot and bothered, and at the same time will pique your interest with each twist of the story. At every page, I was shocked like WOAH DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN?! and amazed at how the author weaved through each scene with surprise bombs flawlessly. Reading Mutually Exclusive is like being in a maze and you can’t help but to feel the high that comes with it when you finally find your way out. It was like at every turn, you have to solve a puzzle to clue your way in to the next turn. And it was good. I never thought the author could pull that well. Mutually Exclusive is beyond being just mutually exclusive. I commend Charlotte Winston for such a good start!

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“I’m thrilled for my sister. She deserves all the happiness life has to offer, and Anthony’s perfect for her.” Alexandra smiled, leaning against Blair’s shoulder because it was too much work to hold her head up in her drunken state.

“She looks happy. Unlike some people.” Blair drilled her finger in Alexandra’s stomach.

Alexandra swatted it away before Blair bruised something. “I’m happy. How many people do you know make junior partner when they’re thirty?” She held her arms out like an actor gesturing toward their waiting crowd.

Blair rolled her eyes, pushing Alexandra’s arms down. “There’s more to life than work. When was the last time you went on vacation? Had a date? Got laid?” Alexandra’s eyes darted toward the rearview mirror, where the cab driver was paying close attention to Blair’s latest “you need a life” round of questions.

Alexandra turned so she could maintain some semblance of privacy from the nosy cab driver. “I’m going on vacation as soon as I’m done with my upcoming trials. You know how important it is for me to make partner. And as far as dating, I don’t have time for anyone right now. Getting laid? That’s been a while.” Six months, to be exact, but Blair didn’t need to know that piece of information. And wasn’t she just a chatty Cathy after all those drinks? Those close to her knew Alexandra didn’t date but had no idea she went to the bar for a random one-night stand when she had an itch to scratch. Easier all around, but she’d been too busy for even that recently.

Blair tsked at her. “You don’t even remember, do you? The day I forget the last time I had sex is the day I hire a male escort.” Alexandra remembered, but refused to elaborate on the drunken hookup on for her twenty-ninth birthday resulting in missing panties and a walk of shame to rival her college days.

Alexandra slapped her arm. “I am not hiring a prostitute. Could you see the headlines? ‘Popular lawyer indicted for soliciting sex.’ Plus, I can get my own man; I just don’t have time.” And she refused to deal with the next guy looking at her like she was a freak—as though she were damaged somehow—because she loved having sex a lot. She just chose not to have indiscriminant sex with multiple men, she preferred one partner. And there was no partner, just her vibrator, which she’d almost worn out with overuse.

Blair didn’t answer, just stared out the window, deep in thought before addressing her. “Hey, I have an idea…”


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