REVIEW: My Dutch Billionaire Trilogy by Marian Tee

Long wait is over! Marian is back to breaking hearts! Oh I mean, her new serial is finally complete and you have to prepare for so much heartbreak ahead because this is Marian Tee. But everything’s good, she did Willem and Serenity’s story justice if I say so myself.

Before starting, let me make it clear that I liked Willem when I first learned about him in Willow and Stavros’ books. Don’t even get me started on Serenity. One of my favorite girls! Ice queen and all that smart mouth and bright mind. (Reference: Forever and Ever, My Greek Billionaire [5 stars])

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I learned about a very young, weak, cold Serenity Raleigh in My Dutch Billionaire 1. And I wouldn’t blame her. What after failing her ballet career/class and losing her father, a famous ballet dancer in his time, along the way that led her to be under the care of her bitchy stepmother and stepsister? No, I didn’t think so. This stepsister happened to be the (evil) model who’s warming up Willem de Konigh’s bed. Willem de Konigh, the Dutch billionaire. To be honest, I wouldn’t have given a damn if she’s Willem’s fuck whatever but she deserves to be called evil because she is so freaking mean. To Serenity alone. My Dutch Billionaire 1 has Cinderella feels to it but not that kind of Cinderella story. (At least with the HEA by the end of book 3, yeah.) This first book showed me just how painful it was to (fall in) love at a very young age. And young love while it’s at its purest form, could also be at its dumbest. Let me just take Serenity for example. She met Willem when she was just 14. I think she was infatuated with him or she thought she was. And maybe because she saw how persistent and faithful Willow was to Stavros, even when things got a little messed up between them. And she thought being that would result to the same thing. Only… it did not. From there things progressed but not in the way you’re thinking. But it’s still good and very Marian Tee style. Honestly, I have mixed feelings for Serenity. I admired her for her guts but I also wanted to knock some sense into her because she’s being stupid. And her foolishness was breaking my heart. But I guess that’s what love does sometimes, right? And with Willem doing his thing didn’t make things any better. He was just so UGGGGHHHHH! I thought he just wanted to be friends with her! He did good by just being her friend. But his actions told her otherwise. So really I wasn’t sure now who to blame. Serenity being dumb to hope Willem would love her back or Willem for just being an overall idiot. It’s safe to say I hate the guy just by the first book already.

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If MDB1 was about Serenity, second book focused on Willem. I got a glimpse of the young Dutch billionaire and found out there was more about his feelings for things than what was revealed in the first book. That actually justified his weird actions now. But didn’t make things any less acceptable.

My Dutch Billionaire 2 started where book one left off. (That was painful, by the way.) But surprise, book two was just so much more painful! Case in point…

Willow: You’re saying he doesn’t love you?
Serenity: He never did.

And also because Willem started to act like he was Serenity’s freaking boyfriend when he was clearly not. Like he even had the right. And being a caveman at that? PLEASE, WILLEM, GROW SOME BALLS. By the fifth chapter I was so ready to end Willem’s life because my gosh what he said was just so freaking cruel!!! Why did Serenity have to fall in love with this prick again?! I did not get it! And I certainly did not get how a freaking Dutch billionaire could be so stupid? To only know of one face of love and actually believe in it? Wow, so much for being a smart guy.

This book was successful in putting me in constant state of rage and mixed feelings. Sure, the sex was hot. But only because it was Willem and Serenity, not Willem and The Evil Step Sister. I thought everything’s going to be fine after what they’d agreed to but I was so freaking wrong. If anything it made me want to throw out my Kindle because things went too freaking much again. It’s painful and stressful at the same time. I wasn’t sure who deserved a death threat more: Marian for toying with my feelings again or Willem for just being himself?! Maaan, the tears I cried for Serenity! I fucking hate you, WDK! You don’t deserve Serenity. I hope you die a slow death… Huhu. So. Much. Pain.

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I was so scared to begin reading this last book because my heart still hasn’t recovered yet from all those beatings it bore after finishing book two. But I still went ahead because I heard the comeback here would be epic.

Book three was divided into three parts. First part was even more heartbreaking because The Evil Duo was back and they showed no mercy to Serenity. I planned on showing no mercy over The Evil Duo, too, given the chance. But I’d gladly take Shane alone. Never mind the mother. Second part was about The Dumbass and Mykolas Sallis (I love you, Mykolas, even when I haven’t read your story yet and even when I’d most likely hate you at first, too) couldn’t have nailed it any better when he said how idiot The Dumbass was. Idiot being the understatement of the year. By the time I was done with part two, I was laughing so hard (my gosh this book made me crazy) because I was imagining a poor-looking Dumbass with his sorry ass grovelling. Because he deserved to be laughed at. (Yeah, I know, I’m being mean. Can’t help it.) Okay moving on. Part III. Man, I loved this part! I finally got to see how Serenity fought back with The Dumbass that she didn’t just fall again for whatever he was saying. Heartbreak made you grow up, Serenity?

My Dutch Billionaire trilogy was one of Marian’s books that confused the hell out of my feelings. But it was good because Marian also perfected to portray man’s frailty with her characters thus making Willem and Serenity as human as possible. It was realistic. The way a girl falls in love with a man older than her, her idea of love, his idea of love, his weakness, her strength. Their own flaws and drama made them believable and I have to commend Marian for that. Although I think she could’ve done way better than what she did with Willem’s grovelling, she exceeded my expectations for such payback with Shane. I’m applauding her at that. Really, bravo Marian! Job well done!

Now if you’re ready to risk your heart, be my guest and read this latest from Marian Tee. (Which is part of my eBook giveaway, too!) But take tequila shots before and in-between readings for good measure and because you’ll probably need it. Trust me.


It was refreshing to see my favorite Marian Tee MC, Willow Somerset—now Willow Manolis (no thanks to you, Stavros)—who was carrying twins (freaking really, Manolis?!) and Mykolas and Velvet, though I haven’t read them yet. (Note to self: make time to read their story.)

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