REVIEW: Lucky Strike by M. Andrews

lucky-strikeAuthor: M. Andrews
Series: Gambling on Love #2
Release Date: March 17, 2016
Rating: 2/5
Source: Digital copy purchased from Amazon

At the age of five, Ryder Callahan knew without a shadow of doubt that Lucky Flanagan was his lucky Strike. But for twenty five years Lucky kept Ryder at arms length, not wanting to destroy the one stable relationship in her otherwise turbulent life.

In a moment of weakness the two acted on their feelings for one another.

Only to have Lucky do what she does best when she can’t deal with her emotions, she ran.

Leaving Ryder completely broken hearted.

Now Lucky is back and ready to fight for the love of her life. Even if it means fighting herself.

Lucky Strike is Ryder and Lucky’s story. Ryder Callahan is a cop who’s a friend of Lucky’s/Nadine’s when they were kids. Their first meeting was kind of full of hate (at least for Lucky) because boys would be boys regardless of age. But they came to a truce and from then on, they became each other’s go-to person. It’s just that Lucky’s got some serious baggage and the moment Ryder confessed his love for her, the girl ran the hell away. Ryder took the hit badly but he’s not going to give up until he could bring Lucky back home.

Honestly, I couldn’t give the book five stars because of that rough start. For me, it’s totally unnecessary but I get why it had to be done. Because the hero’s life’s in shambles, so—of course. Doesn’t mean I like it though.

The book had a lot of potential had the author dug in deeper to the conflicts thrown all throughout the book. The friendship that bloomed between Ryder and Lucky had when they were still kids could’ve been a springboard to the present but the story only got a few glimpses on what they had been like before. I wish it offered more childhood memories so I’d get Lucky’s character. Because I didn’t. She seemed inconsistent to me (though I do love her alpha female-ness) because of the way the story was told—fast-paced and just when I expect things to get serious, I was met by the sudden change of course. It was like I couldn’t savor every moment of it. You know that feeling when you’re waiting for a thing so badly and the moment it landed on your lap, it was quickly snatched away? That’s how I felt.

The other thing was Lucky’s d-bag of an ex, Jackson. His appearances could’ve made the story interesting but it was like he was placed there just because. And nothing more.

I wish I could love Ryder. I mean, he could really be sweet and alpha all at the same time but the beginning of the story quickly turned me off. I loved the way how he handled Lucky and her bullcrap but I didn’t think it’s enough to love him that much at all. Ryder and Lucky though? They’re good together, they’re good for each other. And I definitely loved them together.

Overall, I think the book was fine (there were still awww-moments and OMG the steamy scenes were steamy!!!), the author’s writing was still freaking good (save from the few typos I spotted) and I’m eagerly waiting for a book of hers that I’d truly love.

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