Learning to Fall by Mina V. Esguerra Fanmade Editz

I’ve never done this, not the 10+ edits and posting them all here anyway. But because this is Grayson and Steph, and also Mina, challenge accepted!


Prepare an ice cold drink, a fan, turn on your AC unit because it’s about to get hot(!) in here. Close this window now if you’re under 18!

So few days after reading Mina V. Esguerra’s latest 5-star book, I still cannot stop thinking about my new favorite couple. And shutting up about it. I mean, IDGAF if I lose followers over how redundant I am for posting edits every now and then. All I know is it has to be there. And romance reader or not, everyone should read it. But only if you are 18 years old or have read FSoG because that thing is hardcore.

The Good, The Bad, and Everything in Between

First and foremost, I am not a Photoshop expert but I have a little knowledge to it because college. But that was just basics. No hard stuff like what professors teach in arts and multimedia courses. In short, very out of my league. So please, don’t judge my rookie editing skills.

But I try and so far I like what I do and come up with. And I super, super enjoy making them! It all just comes with a price, though. Like, as much as I want to edit all day long, I cannot because I have a life beside this bookish one. I mean who knew, right? LOL. (And wow, this kind of sounds like Steph!) Also because out of X number of words in a book, I have to choose some that can make or break the readers’ desire to read the book. But not all the time. I mean, it all depends on the book. If it has smut, I’ll definitely choose those over the very emotional ones because of personal preference. That, and because it’s so freaking hard to rummage through thousands of photos on the Internet to find that one which reflects a scene perfectly. Case in point, there’s one scene in this book that I loved because it was so damn hot so it has to be posted or I will not read anything until I find it and for the life of me, I cannot find the photo for it because… I don’t know. I have no idea why the Internet doesn’t have it. I didn’t give up so after three or so days, I finally found that elusive photo and couldn’t be any happier! That photo is spot on! I cannot even unsee the ones I never wanted to see, though, while looking for it. But that’s how this is and I just have to key in the appropriate keyword terms when searching the next time.

As of now, I put up an entirely separate folder in my laptop for my blog which includes the PSDs (I have like around ten but mostly are just for banners and logos I use to watermark some of my online stuff), the book covers, the featured images, the edits, and the photos I downloaded for future book use. It’s neat and I love it. Makes things so much easier to find when I need them.

Why I Am Posting Here Instead

  • Some of the teasers are not child-friendly and some of my followers on Instagram consist of my still underaged students from way back when I was teaching in private school.
  • Instagram, Twitter and Facebook seem to downgrade the quality of photos.
  • Easier because this is like a photodump post of my favorite #LearningtoFall scenes.

Well, if these teasers can’t make you 1-click the book, I do not know what can. Ohhh wait—maybe this is not your preferred genre? Totally understandable though, but will you please give this a chance? Or you don’t have an eReader? But you can read on your phone, right? Or maybe you don’t have a credit card to buy the book? Tweet @minavesguerra she can help you with that easy peasy problem! Or you don’t want to buy but you want to read? Well, you can join my giveaway for a chance to win this!
















Can you guess which one I had a hard time finding but my favorite?

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