REVIEW: Love Hurts by Mandi Beck

I am forever grateful to Corinne Michaels for gifting me my very first Mandi Beck book. I’ve heard so much about this one and the fact that the second book’s coming out in a matter of days, I knew it was time to give it a go.

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And after devouring within three hours, I wasn’t disappointed! Not a tiny bit. AHHHH SO MANY FEELS!!! Love Hurts is one of those books that’s full of angst and heart—thanks to Deacon and his alpha personality. Just from reading the first few pages, I knew Deacon was going to be one hell of a book boyfriend. He’s a successful MMA fighter—which explains the attitude—in and out of the Octagon. He’s a player and a dirty talker, too. Also worth mentioning: head over heels in love with Frankie, his best friend, his Princess, his freaking everything BUT (duh of course there’d be a but) things were fucked up between these two. From the beginning, it was very clear there was something special between them but I am not sure who to hate more: Deacon for being a coward ass not telling Frankie about his feelings for her (ugh so much being a fighter) or Frankie for being just her stupid self.

I am not going to sugarcoat my dislike over what Deac did because he was really at fault for doing such thing but the fact that he would do whatever it takes to protect Frankie? That he loved her so much it’s hurting him and it’s taking a toll on his career already? And what Frankie did was to ignore the hell out of it even when she was definitely feeling the same way? TALK ABOUT CONFUSING WOMAN. I thought I was going to like her because she’s classy as hell as Deac described her but I was still undecided whether to love or hate her. It’s like watching a tug-of-war match with these two. I don’t get Frankie’s issues because they were petty. If she could just give Deac a chance! But of course, she just won’t right? Even when the guy was already hurting, even when the guy was starting to be eaten alive by his rage over Frankie’s Flashdance. That how stony Frankie was. And I felt really sorry for Deacon.

Deacon loved Frankie fiercely. Especially after the tragedy that happened. I never thought he could more alpha than he was already after what happened. And I get it. I get him. I just didn’t like how he was seemingly ruled by his dick. Things would have been easier if only he used his head (the one above okay).

Just when I thought Frankie’s going to come to terms with her absurd fears, I was hit by the end end. THE FREAKING DEAD END! WITH A DAMN CLIFFY NO LESS. It’s a perfect timing that I read this just now because that cliffy—ahhh!!! NEED LOVE BURNS NOW! I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE MORE DEACON! (Waiiit—that sounded like… bacon! I LOVE BACON!) September 21st couldn’t be here fast enough!

If not for Deacon and his all-consuming love, I won’t rate this 5/5. But it is Deacon and I love him. And I love this story so Frankie can just woman up on the next book to save her sorry ass and fight for her love for Deacon this time.

Mandi Beck has just grabbed a spot in my Auto 1-Click Author list!

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