REVIEW: Learning to Fall by Mina V. Esguerra

OH. MY. GOSH. I think I just found another Mina V. Esguerra book that I’d marry in a heartbeat. And that is, ladies and gentlemen, Learning to Fall.

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Learning to Fall is the third book of the Addison Hill series where I got to know about my new bff, Steph Bennett. (Eeee. She’s a book blogger! Well not that kind of a book blogger because she’s more focused on the artsy side of things since she’s also an art student.) She was stuck in a lot of things thus forcing herself to make adult choices (AKA setting her priorities straight). Or else good bye education. That said, she had to set aside her book blogging duties for a little while. But that didn’t mean she’d be as in gone in the blogosphere. Nope, not at all. We’ve got Sera’s Live Like Fiction blogging challenge to thank for that. Because of that, I got to meet a very naked (heh, I wish) Grayson Price, Addison Hill’s rugby club former co-captain.

Mina had me at book blogging and challenges. And just enough of everything. I was captivated just from the first few pages alone because Steph was an interesting character. I loved that she loved books and that she spent time to read and review them to incorporate her artistic side to it. I also liked how easily relatable her character was. I mean, college, choosing what you think is best for you, honoring your parents, getting laid, falling in love, typical challenges of a girl her age. Her struggles were also very believable and totally NA. (Good job on that, Mina.) It helped that she’s best friends with Daria and Victoria’s sister because I got to know her thoughts about the girls… and their boyfriends. Haha! The same thing goes for Grayson because I liked how he handled things and Steph. Like how he was really a good guy for taking a firm stand to be one before the meet and greet with Steph’s parents. I liked how sure he was of things and how freaking hot he was in bed. And not just in bed. (Congrats, Grayson, you’ve just been selected to join other men in my book boyfriends roster.)

Overall, I really, really enjoyed this book not only because Mina stepped up the steam level (O.M.F.G prepare to fan yourselves) on this one and that you have something to do by the end of the book, but also because she excellently executed the NA feel to it without the usual insta-everything. If anything, I loved how Grayson and Steph got to know each other first by spending time together (Grayson wanting to know how Steph lives her life, Steph knowing Grayson’s co-captain/businessman/artist life) and from there, they just knew what to do with each other’s worlds. They didn’t just fall. They learned how to fall. (And consciously at that.)

Learning to Fall releases October 6th and is part of my eBook giveaway!

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