Release Blitz + REVIEW + Giveaway: Love Burns by Mandi Beck

The love of Deacon and Frankie for each other is way too strong enough to burn you.

Ahhh! Deacon Love, so freaking unreal! I never thought Mandi could outshine Love Hurts, the first book, but well she did. And it was a-ma-zing!

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I don’t usually pick up MMA-related books but since the first one, I was hooked and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love Burns is an all-consuming book with Deacon and Frankie struggling to make their way to love. They didn’t have it easy on their first journey and on their second one, things got messier, uglier, more painful. But on the brighter side of the story, it was heart-swelling, sweet and unpredictable. I’ve never had so many feelings when I read a book than when I did with this one. Rage. Hurt. Loss. Love. Anxious. Happy. Blissfully happy.

At first I was wondering how Mandi would put a twist to the story and just when I thought that was the twist already, it was like the 9/11 accident—quick and heart-shattering. I was not expecting it and it broke my heart. But I guess Mandi worked it out when she gave additional bundle of joy to the family.

Deacon is still the alpha badass of a man I loved from the first book, only here he picked up his own battles and communicated better with Frankie. Even loved Frankie more fiercely, if that’s even possible. Really hands down to this man! Of course, there were still some rooms for improvement but I am so proud of Deacon for doing what he needed to be done. He’s still the man full of passion on what he does, confident, proud, hot and sexy. In and out of the Cage.

Frankie! I’m so glad Frankie had evolved from being a character I used to hate to one that I’ll always love. It wasn’t easy but Deacon helped him grow as the woman who deserves him. And vice versa.

I really love how this book kept me clicking to the next page all because of the good sequence of events and Mandi’s narration. Not a single dead air moment when I was reading. It was like I was part of them, too. And for more than one moment, I felt like I was. I will miss Deacon and Frankie and everything about the family. Most especially the new crew.



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