REVIEW: Laws of Attraction by Evelyn Adams

Evelyn Adams has been a favorite since Feels Like Home (The Southerlands 1) that I’ve yet to review this year. I remember it was summer in Zambales with my friend Anna that I read it because it was free (still is, by the way, and first book in a series usually is). I loved it, so when I went home after that trip I bought the other books in the series immediately and never looked back. My only regret is that I didn’t have time to read the rest after the first book. But I’ll see to it that I will this year.

laws-of-attractionAuthor: Evelyn Adams
Series: The Southerlands 7
Release Date: January 5, 2016
Rating: 5/5
Source: ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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Lawyer Andrew Coles needs a date for the next Southerland wedding, one who will keep the pitying looks at bay and make his favorite bridesmaid regret walking away from him. But most importantly one who doesn’t come with strings attached. He doesn’t need or want the complication of a romantic relationship.

When exotic dancer Candy Graham rear ends a pickup truck on the way to a new job and much needed cash, she knows she’s in trouble. Her totaled car puts a damper on her plans and plants her firmly on the wrong side of the law. She needs a lawyer fast and preferably one who can be flexible with payment.

A straightforward business arrangement solves both of their problems. He gets a wedding date with no hidden agenda, and she gets her legal problems to disappear. Perfect. Until a relationship of convenience turns into something neither can live without.

Laws of Attraction is the 7th book of The Southerlands series and is about Andrew, the best buddy of the eldest Southerland—Jude (from book one)—who is a lawyer and Candace Graham, a… stripper by choice. I loved Andrew’s attitude since he first appeared on the first book. I mean he’s a lawyer, argues for a living, for sure he’s intelligent and he’s a funny, good guy. What’s not to love? But I learned a whole new side of him in this book and it was amazing. And then there’s Candace/Candy Graham. Eeeee. OMG, she just earned the first spot to my 2016 Fave Heroines! I loved the woman so much that I appreciated her even when she strips for a living. But lies within the stripper was an exquisitely beautiful lady who has so much more to give to people around her. I loved every quirk and every little thing about this duo because aside from they’re really polar opposite, they can both stand on their own. I mean, character-wise, they’re both independent, strong, smart, maybe a little bit arrogant/dick/bitch but they’re so likeable I could squeeze them together.

Even when Andrew and Candy met during one unfortunate accident and they knew they both felt something right away, they didn’t act on it on the spot. And I’m so glad Evelyn did that and not the insta-sex kind of approach to that particular scene. Andrew’s kind of desperate to find a pretend date to Jude’s sister’s wedding because the woman he thought he was in love with has another guy in her arms and clearly they’re in love. So the plan was to find that pretend girlfriend and act like they’re also in love (maybe to make the other girl jealous) but really, it was just for Andrew to save his sorry ass in front of everyone who’s already found their match. Except him. And when an opportunity knocked him off in the face of Candy, he grabbed ahold of it and never let go. Turns out they have a lot at stake for playing the pretend game from the start.

What absolutely pulled me in was the way Evelyn delivered a solid storyline that has two equally different and same characters all at once. I loved that the buildup to steamy scenes was steady and flawless as well. Like Andrew and Candy took their time to get to know each other first before jumping in to that no-turning-back moment. It was also the little things that the two did together when they were not in public pretending. And when they were in the scene playing their lovey-dovey roles, MY. GOSH. You will be blown away by Candy. That. Woman, really. I freaking love her so much!

The love has always been there but they were both afraid to take the first step because of their inappropriate arrangement. But when they finally decided to acknowledge it, it was ahhhh all kinds of wonderful. Their love is something I am sure of that will last a lifetime because even when Andrew can be a jerk sometimes, he loves Candy so much he’s willing to compromise things so they can both meet in the middle. And for a lawyer who doesn’t back down on things, it’s admirable to see such a change on him.

I’ve always loved Evelyn’s writing because it was straight-to-the-point beautiful, not boring and I feel so comfortable when reading her book. Even her plot twists with this one were superb! Laws of Attraction possesses the same outstanding prose that is so her, has a well-deserved HEA with a healthy dose of sexiness and fun and overall delightful read. I super love Laws of Attraction and it has just secured the first spot of my 2016 Fave Reads list.


Evelyn Adams writes sexy stories about committed couples. She lives in her own little Garden of Eden with her three children, a handful of God’s creatures and the man of her dreams.

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