REVIEW: Just Breathe by Martha Sweeney

If you want instant love, instant lust between the hero and heroine, alpha hero, weak heroine, fucked up pasts, and a plot that basically involves 90% fucking, this book/trilogy is not for you.

just-breatheAuthor: Martha Sweeney
Release Date: February 16, 2016
Rating: 5/5
Source: ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review
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There’s an irresistibly sexy man in my life who came out of nowhere and somehow has stuck to me. I’m not complaining — I just never saw my life happening like this. My life has changed completely from almost a year ago — something I vowed would never happen, and yet, it has. I’ve broken my rules, all of them because of him.

Our relationship is forced out into the public — something I’m not sure I’m ready for at all. There are many things that make me uncomfortable, mainly because I’ve never had a boyfriend before. Certain things arise in my life, complicating it even more, testing me in so many ways all while having to face the demons of my past.

What do you say to someone who says they love you when you still don’t understand your own emotions?

Will Emma break through life’s obstacles and allow herself to love and be loved?

This book is not a standalone and is meant to be read after reading the first and second books (Breathe In & Breathe Out) of the Just Breathe series.

Please note: There are sexually explicit scenes F/M and F/F/M

Just Breathe is the final book in the Just Breathe trilogy by Martha Sweeney. And OMG, what a stunning conclusion to Joe and Emma’s love story! It picked up right after Breathe Out (Book 2) ended but with so much more unforgettable moments with one of my favorite couples.

Emma Peterson’s life was perfect. She had steady and growing businesses that she successfully built from what her parents left of her when they died, she had a great set of friends that she treated more like her own family. She had a pretty private life that did a 180 degree turn when a hot blue-eyed man in the name of Joe Covelli came unexpectedly in her life. She did not expect that she would be breaking all her rules because of Joe. But then, is she ready to accept that Joe’s in for the long haul? Or her fears of being in a relationship, her demons in the past would keep her from the only man who means everything?

Joseph “Joe” Covelli. I love this man so freaking much! He is the perfect example of a balanced man. He’s an alpha without being overbearing, dirty talker yet so gentle when he has to, so very sweet without being too cheesy/too cringe-worthy. He eased in to Emma’s life like a puzzle piece that fits the whole thing perfectly. They’ve been through a lot already, breaking all Emma’s rules even. It’s been a really smooth ride with their friends and families, businesses and financials included. He was comfortable that he could protect Emma with his love. Until she left and things started to be at another level of confusing for him.

I love how each small step of progress to Emma and Joe’s love story lead to their HEA. It was like revealing beautiful layers of their personalities that were hidden and were only meant to be shown if it’s well taken care of. Like a seed that needs the water, sun and air to grow healthily. It’s definitely not a slowly but surely process but there’s the certainty of Joe and Emma both trying their hardest to make their relationship strong. And I think it’s so beautiful that these couple isn’t the over-the-top clingy/cheesy but still maintained the heartfelt love they have for each other.

Just Breathe is an interesting mix of well-developed characters (Emma is the absolute example of this), non-cheesy but still romantic romance, and unusual but beautiful storyline that will surely hold your attention. It was woven together by the strengths and flaws of the characters, the memories of the past (from books 1 and 2) and the clarity of their future. This trilogy has become one of those that are so close to my heart because it was wrapped so beautifully rooted with deep emotions and courage. Martha has also created the characters I will always love and look up to. Because to me, they’re not just characters. They are my spirit animals. My own brand of kickass. Good job, Martha!

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